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Man U - Bayer 04

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I don't know if anyone watched this game, but I thought it was class that Leverkusen supporters were singing YNWA all throughout the second half. Is there a football fan in Europe who doesn't know the words? :D

In any case, hats off to the cheeky gits.
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Everyone who scores against us these days sing it.

That's how small-time you get when you're a small, crap club that has no songs.

Paulinho said:

I'd attribute it to the fact that most Bayer supporters are somewhat bilingual, so they were polite enough to sing songs in English so Man U fans can understand them. On the other hand, I've never met a mancunian who was able to speak proper English, let alone a bilingual one.
I know 4 languages and I'm a Manc

Eat that you scouse bastards

Paulinho said:

Four? What, English, Scottish, Australian and American? :D
Make that 7 languages then


Anyway, English, Hebrew, Arabic and French....and a bit of German

so feck off

1 - 3 of 24 Posts
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