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Man U - Bayer 04

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I don't know if anyone watched this game, but I thought it was class that Leverkusen supporters were singing YNWA all throughout the second half. Is there a football fan in Europe who doesn't know the words? :D

In any case, hats off to the cheeky gits.
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What impressed me most about Bayer Leverkuson was their ability to keep possession even under severe pressure. With a lot of hard work, eagerness to get forward, and clever positional play, i.e. forming triangles all over the field, they comprehensively out played ManYoo. It really was great to see. Liverpool could do a lot worse than copy this particular German outfit...

Even Real Madrid; a team consisting of awesome individual talent don't play this kind of precise, one-touch football at such a high tempo. Maybe they're just a bit too lazy with all the natural talent they have in the likes of Zidane, Figo, Raul, etc. Personally, I think Bayer Leverkuson could well beat Real Madrid in the final should Bayer finish the job off in the second leg; let's hope so... :D
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