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Man u and Barca in the final

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man united are going to beat the sh!t real Madrid team on penalties, and are then going to get thrashed into hell (where they belong) be the mighty Barcelona
any views?
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you must have been high when you typed this....c'mon chelsea and utd!!!
Barcelona still have every chance of beating Chelsea and go trough. Real Madrid has an even bigger chance of going through, one goal at Old Trafford, and it's all-over for Man utd.
Im not so sure that Barcelona can beat Chelsea as easily as they want to. I mean Barcelona haven't been playing too hot recently...especially in the league. I wouldn't mind an all British final...might quieten down some of those Italians :D (j.k)
Also you said Real have more of a chance of going through...that is true if they score one or even two goals but seeing they couldn't score at home and Man United do have the slight edge of the 60,000+ spectators at Old Trafford, maybe it'll go to extra-time...even penalties. Then ANYTHING can happen.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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