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He gave a classic performance, the type he used to
give on a weekly basis before the arrival of Nakata. It's not the first time he's gave an outstanding performance and ended up on the loosing side, after all he plays for Roma.

Player of the tournament, take your pick Cannavaro,Nesta, or Toldo??

I think Nesta :)

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I think everyone player that contributed: should be well thanked:
I agree Totti played with heart/ many of them did.
My vote for MVP/man of the tournament would have to go TOLDO> HE showed heart and strength indeed with out him who knows where we could of ended up:
It is hard to pick just one player: They all are true champions:

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euro 2000 final

I was more disappointed that Italy lost than England going out early. They deserved to win, Totti for me was man of the match. I think most of us here in England wanted Italy. (Lots of disagreements coming in now). France were just lucky on the night but del pierro should have taken his chances. Chin up Italy, it happens to the best of us.

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y was henry the man of the match ???
he did nuthin
oh a trezuget kicked toldo that s a yellow even a red and look what happened he had to score the winner

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Hi all! :)

I'm extremely disppointed that Italy lost. I was hoping so much they'd won. IMO, Italy played really well...better than the French. I think Italy just got a bit too sure they'd won just before the French equalizers so they kind of let their guard down. Hell! I was already so sure that nothing could happend with just 30 seconds to go.

I know that everybody wanted del Piero to play but I think it was better off to keep the Delvecchio-Totti combination. Totti's pass to Pessotto was trully brilliant and Delvecchio was really fast in positioning himself just inches of Barthez' goal.

I agree with cmdg3232, It's difficult to pick one. I can't decide whether it's Totti, Nestra or Toldo. They're all great players. It's just a real shame that they lost. Better luck next time. I just can't wait to again see a great Italian win like in Spain 82.
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