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Makaveli, back off!!!

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Makaveli, please don't spoil the Barça-board. I don't ask you to become a Barçafan, but don't come here to bug us. On the xtratime.com-forum Real and Barçafans respect eachother. We don't give you a hard time, and you don't give us a hard time. It is as easy as that. You're the only one who doesn't seem to understand it...

If you refuse to understand it, you will probably get banned...
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Makaveli, I also urge you to hold your horses a bit. I am after all the person, who showed you this place, so please don't get to "pushy" around here. The Dutch Barcelona Fan is the moderator of the forum and he has the power to ban you, so I ask you to come back to our little place and share your opinions there. Believe me I won't have any problems with you dissing Barcelona, but do it at our forum. :) patryk L. AKA labas
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