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maginific against brazil-Owen

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Owen said it is maginific to score agasint Brazil....although he scored agaisnt Argentina in the WC, he said that agaisnt Brazil its an "extra injection" :)
Any comments
that just shows that are football is far superior to Argentina! :)

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im glad to see you back ze!!!!!
owen was great nut also franca,and you warned me for franca,he was something special you said and you may be right.
i have read everything i have to know on www.brazilfutebol.com
Owen likes to score against Brazil it seems....did it at school boy level at Wem-ber-lee too!
owen is one of the most exciting players in the world! he has the same sort of excitement and joy on the field that the brasilians used to have a few years ago -- like 1982. i wish the brazilians would play with that same kind of attitude, happy to play and happy to score. only a few national team players for brazil these days seem to have fun playing all the time -- like ronaldinho gaucho, ronaldo, cafu, roberto carlos. most of these other guys (emerson, rivaldo, denilson, elber, etc.) look as though they are working a horrible job when they are on the field.

you know what's great about michael owen? HE KNOWS WHERE THE GOAL IS. if you look at him play, you will see that EVERY TIME he gets the ball, he starts running at the goal! but look at what brazil does these days: they start passing the ball all over the damn place until it ends up back in dida's hands and they start all over again.

michael owen's grandparents are brazilians, i think!
Either that or he does Samba and Capoeira which, as Ze informs us, is the secret to Brazilian football! :)
Brazil cannot play as 82 no more. We will never play like that again, cause you don't know how it hurts to see a team playu like that and lose. I was only 6 years old and I saw a whole country devasted, even I was devasted.
We got to have a tight defense and a tougy midfield, and let the other players do the art work. You cannot excpetct to have everyone attacking these days otherwise you'll lose.
look at the goal we conceded agaisnt Ecuador, the whole team went forward and Aguinaga a 30 year older ran half the pitch to lob Dida. That is why we cannot play like that.

The main problem of the team is thelack of attitude.....and this is Luxemburgo's fault. He started with this by taking Edilson out of the squad for juggling the ball in the pitch. THAT IS unexeptable , . I still don't understand why he done that. cause after all what Edilson did is Brazilian football! :)

Pelo Corinthians, com muito amor ate o fim.
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btw I think that it is vitally necessary that you should all know that Owen was born and brought up in Wales. It's true and no joke....I am soo gutted that he chose England and can you imagine the Welsh team with Owen and Giggs. We may have won something such as qualification.
U forget the fabulous Mark, Mark, Mark Delaney! :)
As much as I like the guy I think that it may be a tad naaive to say that he is as good as Giggs or Owen :). Maybe I'm a sceptic :)
When do your A Levels finnish?
I'll be able to end my imprisonment in the library on June 15th, the date of my last exam! :) Then it is party all the way!

As for Delaney, whadda ya mean he ain;t as good as Owen and Giggs-Scum?? :)
ouch......I forgot how long the A Levels took, I've been off for a month already and the partying has not stopped.
The problem I have is that I am watching every sport thing that is on late at night and now feel a little bit of an expert on Baseball, Ice Hokey and MLS.......strange.
Anyway enjoy.
ze da fiel, i agree that we might never again see a team like 1982. and that is very, very sad for the whole world!

but there is no excuse for playing the way brazil plays now. in a few years, brazil will be playing like germany or italy -- boring, boring, boring.

look at the england-brazil game, there were only about 3 or 4 moments of beautiful brazilian football: when rivaldo made a nice backheel near the penalty area, when franca dribbled in a circle, another time when franca flicked the ball behind himself and then turned around for it. but the rest of the time, brazil looked like any other team in the world.

on the national team now, roberto carlos is the only player who always plays with the passion of a brazilian. he is always making nice dribbles or backheels or nice passes. and he has energy and loves to play. the rest of these players are looking at their watches to know when they can leave the field and get a pay check.

oh, ze da fiel, i feel sorry for all the guys who are a little bit younger that us and did not get to see 1982 brazil. it is the first world cup i remember, and i will never forget it!
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Yeah tell me about it!!! I've got the majority of my exams coming up in the next two weeks! :(
I just want them over!
its what tostao said: "Luxemburgo is going thorough a bad phase".
He has been in this bad phase ever since he took over the team , although while he was the Corinthians manager , Corinthians were BRILLIANT..and we stil our, thorough his successor Osvaldo :)

Now, people are saying that he did the worng thing in not calling Ronaldinho Gaucho. I think he done the correct thing.....as Edmundo should be ahead of Ronaldinho in any selection list. The problem is insisting in ELber and Amoroso, but he had to do that because how would he look at Elber and Amoroso at the England camp....and selecting them to play the friendlies when they would not even be called up for the Peru game?
That is why he put them both in the bench, and when the Uruguay game comes up, and Romario is back from injury, and he will have ALL the brazilian based players available he should make a better selection.
As their is 4 places in the attack (it is a 18 men squad) the places should go to Romario, Edmundo, Franca and Edilson.....Ronaldinho Gaucho might get a place over Edilson, hut that would be to content the press. :(
NOw in the midfield, Juninho (vasco), and Ricardinho should be available. If he does not call Ricardinho for the Uruguay game, then i know that Luxemburgo is blind and is thick. People are calling Ricardinho the "snooker man" of al the balls he gives his teammates. just putting them in front of goal. The problem is that Rivaldo is the best player on the world.....then RIcardinho has no place.....but Ricardinho is much more of a team player than RIvaldo :)
FAlcao, get the tapes of Coritnhians in the brazil shop and see what i'm talking about :) Or sign GLobo INternacional (i don't know if its worth to get a dish in NYC, cause of all the buiildings and the weather) but you'll see what i'm talking about.

Also, see the football of Felipe...the guy is playing really well, his problem is his "jiu-jitsu" attitude :( Otherwise he has the potential to be the best player of the world, passing Rivaldo or whoever people say :)
When he goes to Italy and he gets more mature..you guys will know what i'm talking about!

FAlcao, I was only 6 years old in the 82 WC, and I did cry. I don't think nobody believed that the **** called Paolo Rossi done that to us :(
But we will play nice football. Remember the "Tazz and argy lovers thread", I told you that LUxemburgo was only going to get a pattern after a couple of games.....this is the time to get the team ready, and getting to know which players can cope or not with the pressure...to then get to the World Cup with a built team, strong , competitive with personality...playing stylish attacking football, and defending well........to then beat any team of the face of the earth :)
We got the talent, the experiece, and the knowledge to do that...we've done it several times, why won't we do it again with this brilliant generation that we have? :)

(the whole world tries, but only brazil can be five) :)

Pelo Corinthians, com muito amor ate o fim.
A Corrente Jamais Sera Quebrada!
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i hope this bad phase for luxemburgo finishes soon. brazil has the best, most skillful players in the world. there is no excuse for boring football and for losing. luxemburgo needs to stop selecting the team according to who is going to be happy, what the media says, who he likes, who said some bad words, and all that other crap.

since 1982, many people said that brazil could never play o jogo bonito (beautiful game) again. but that's not true. the brazilians are much, much better than everyone else. that is a FACT! i don't care who the coach is, he should not pick old guys like aldair, boring guys like cesar sampaio or european-type players like jardel or elber for the starting 11. that's stupid.

right now, brazil can easily make a team of 11 beautiful players with all the best skill in the world.

brasil tem que ganhar mais uma taca!!!!
Guys...tell me about WC 82...

I was too young to watch that...I was 2 years old..hehe...I dont even remember watching WC 86...I started in WC 90...

Anyway...tell me more....seems very interesting...Wish I was born an few years earlier...

And Falcao..you are right....there is no excuse for not playing beautiful football...Brazil has too much talent...Winning should be #1 option...But, Brazil should win and play beautiful game...
Is funny that in club football we play beautiful footabll, but and the national team doesn't seem to be playing to the level our clubs play :(
I thought it was cause of the managers..parreira and Zagallo (they have always been scarey managers, and defensive), but now with Luxemburgo, I'm the one getting lost.
But will find our way

Pelo Corinthians, com muito amor ate o fim.
A Corrente Jamais Sera Quebrada!
tonyp3, in 82, brazil was pure class. the only team i have ever seen that could play with 1970 brazil.

in a few games, they would pass the ball around beautifully and make many scoring chances but then fall behind 1-0. but they never worried, because they knew they would win.

in the first game, russia went up 1-0 when the brazil goalie let a shot hit off his arm and go into the net. it was so embarrassing! and russia was still leading 1-0 after 79 minutes. then brazil came back with the magical goals of doctor socrates and eder. what class!

socrates had the ball at the edge of the box. he was dribbling from left to right. while dribbling, he pretended to shoot but kept dribbling instead; the defender almost fell down. then, he did the same movement again. but this time he smoked the ball. it flew like a rocket from the edge of the penatly area into the top of the net. goalie had no chance.

eder's goal was one of the most beautiful world cup goals ever. junior (i think) got the ball near the corner flag and did a little dance over it, then passed it back toward midfield to the king FALCAO. but falcao, as cool as ever, decided he didn't want the ball. without looking, he just opened his legs, and the ball went right through ... to eder! eder was charging forward. while in stride, he flicked the ball in the air and STILL IN STRIDE whacked it with the outside of his left boot. it curled and flew inside the goalie's left post. THE GOALKEEPER DIDN'T MOVE!!!! the first time he moved was to pick the ball up out of the net. 2-1 brazil.

i remember one of the announcers saying that brazil was the best and, "the team that beats brazil is going to win the world cup." he meant that there was no way anyone could beat brazil, but if you beat brazil you had to be the best. well, the announcer was right. it was destiny for brazil to lose to italy.

in the other games, brazil routed argentina 3-1. that game had a free kick from midfield from eder that hit the crossbar!

brazil also beat new zealand 4-0 and scotland 4-1. in the scotland game, brazil fell behind 1-0 but again didn't care. eder had another awesome goal, chipping the ball over the goalkeeper. falcao scored a screamer that stayed low to the ground!

tonyp3, there's so much you missed!
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just to remember the Russina goalkeeper was the legend called DASAEV! :)

Pelo Corinthians, com muito amor ate o fim.
A Corrente Jamais Sera Quebrada!
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