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Expecto patronum!
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Here lets post pictures from the old times of macedonian football

Dusan Stojanovski - the unofficial Ginis recorder of zongliranje :D

Vardar Logo 1983-1984

Pelister Logo 1983-1984

Belasica Logo 1983-84

Belasica 1982-1983 squad

Teteks 1982-1983 squad

Trenerot na Vardar vo sezonata 83-84 Vukasin Visnjevac

Sezona 83-84 golmanite na Vardar Momcilo Grosev i Slobodan Mutibabic

Sezona 83-84 napagacite na Vardar Sandro Manevski i Darko Pancev

Sezona 83-84 napagacite na Vardar Stoimir Urosevic i Vasil Rongov

Partizan - Vardar sezona 82-83

Vardar - Crvena Zvezda 82-83

Expecto patronum!
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Darko Pancev world cup '90

Ilija Najdoski EURO '92

Vujadin Stanojkovic EURO '92

Darko Pancev EURO '92

Toni Savevski UEFA Cup 98-99

Bekot na Vardar Saso Janev vo Cup Winners Cup sezona 98-99

Igracot od sredinata na Vardar Nikola Avramovski vo Cup Winners Cup sezona 98-99

Igracot od sredinata na Vardar Ilco Dordioski vo Cup Winners Cup sezona 98-99

Igracot od sredinata na vardar Goran Karadzov vo Cup Winners Cup sezona 98-99

Bekot na Sloga Jugomagnat Esad Colakovic vo UEFA Cup sezona 98-99

Igracot od sredinata na Sloga Jugomagnat Husein Beganovic vo UEFA Cup sezona 98-99

Igracot od sredinata na Sloga Jugomagnat Nedzmedin Memedi vo UEFA Cup sezona 98-99

Napagacot na Sloga Jugomagnat Zoran Miserdovski vo UEFA Cup sezona 98-99

I see that you have pics from Pancev,Najdovski and Stanojkovic(vardar coach and macedonian) from the team in the euro1992Q! I know that Mitko Stojkovski also was in that team and Q! pic on him in the plavi dress maybe? also strange that Saveski was out from the team 1990 and 1992 since he was one of the best and most talented players in all X-yugoslavia!!!!! well dreams dream, I wish we had them now or that macedonia had become independent 5 years earlier. we would have had a great chance toQ for EC or WC with that team with out doubt. Make them young again god or bring back time.

Harry Potter said:

Igor Mitreski Champions League 01-02

Yksel Osmanovski (Sweden) EURO 2000

Jovan Kirovski (USA) world cup '02

Yksel Osmanovski (Sweden) world cup '02

Marek Jankulovski (Czech Rep.) EURO '04
Great stuff! our great abroad macedonians, wish we had them in our team! that's why the croats are god and we bad! the croat abroad play for croatia but our don't play for macedonia! ther is the biggest defferance :sigh:

Pic on Mile Sterjovski in Lille maybe?

I love this nostalgia Vardar picks and players too, but also it hurts that we don't have any quality players like that today. But Vardar have had some good results over the two last year in europ at least. Ambis I have that ticket from Porto-Vardar 1988 and I also have the ticket from Vardar-Bukaresti 1987 (1-0 1-2,we knock out the strong Romanian team at that time in the 2 round) and will try to scan it.we had Pancev and the rest and some in europ belived that Vardar could win the uefa cup that year but we did not. it's hard to get tickets from Vardar games in europ between 1950-1990(so the dunfermline pick in eufa cup is great) but I have almost all tickets between 1993-2004 and will try to scan them, my favourite are Bordeaux-Vardar (1995 uefa cup, 1-1)Zinedine Zidane,Bixente Lizarazu,DUGARRY Christophe, and WITSCHGE Richard where some of the great Bordeaux players who reached the final and Vardar playd two even games against them and one drow in the 3 round 1-1,0-1....

Halmstad-Vardar 1996, 0-0, I was on this game and it was nice to se the young Sakiri at that time in Vardar and the young Ljungberg in Halmstad.....

Vardar-Berry 3-0 (CL) 2003 ugly ticket
Cska-Vardar 1-2 (CL) 2003, great win and a great ticket who are my favourite........
Sparta-Vardar 2-2 (CL) 2003, ugly ticket.....
Vardar-Roma 1-1 (Uefa cup) 2003........... I have no ticket but I have the match programe...........

Vardar-Achnas(cyprus) 5-1, intertoto 2004, I have home ticket but not away.
Vardar-AA Gent (belgium) 1-0 2004, I have home ticket but not away.....
Vardar-Schelke 04, 1-2 2004, I have home and away ticket......

NT tickets.....
Slovenija-Macedonia 1-4 1993! this ticket is speciell and it was not easy to faind but thanks to a slovenijan.... this was the first officiell friendly game....

Macedonia-Danmark 1-1 (1-0) 1994, the first Q game ever with a drow against the uefa holders Danmark at that time. gret ticket.
Danmark-Macedonia 1-0 (0-0) 1995, I was on place..........
Belgium-Macedonia 1-1 1994, I wos on this game ugly ticket but nice result ......

Macedonia-Ireland 3-2 in the WCQ for France 1998, great win and we was so close to reach the 2 place and play of but blow it on the end.....
Macedonia-Iceland 1-0,WCQ for France just the half ticket, the rest is destroyd by my small cousin who started to eat on it-)))))

Liechstenstain-Macedonia 1-11, huge win in the WCQ to france....
Romania-Macedonia 4-2,FranceQ we lost to the winners of the group.....I don't have the home ticket....

Sweden-Macedonia, 2002 WCQ 1-0 is a great ticket, it's my two favourite and home countrys.

England-Macedonia 2-2 (EC)
Macedonia-Holland 2-2 (WC)
Macedonia-England 1-2 (EC)
Macedonia-Ireland 1-1 (EC)
Macedonia-Croatia 1-1 (EC)
Macedonia-Bosna 1-0 (friendly 2004)
Macedonia-Ukraine 1-0 (friendly 2004)
Slovakia-Macedonia 1-1 (EC 2003)
Ukraine-Macedonia 0-0 (friendly 2003)
Turkey-Macedonia 3-3 (WCQ)
Macedonia-Czech Republic 1-1 (friendly 2001)

I have a lot of Vardar domestic liga games too, cup finals......, I have 5 tickets from 1987/1988 in the yug liga.....

It is easy to get tickets from the home game since I have a mate and cousin in skopje who always go to games and often I,m on Gratski too for euro cups..... it's hard for away games but with hard work on Internet it's possible to faind people who will help.....

Some non soccer tickets too, not many but some.....

MZT-Real Madrid, the great MZT win over Rael in europ(basketball)
Macedonia-Serbia, europ championchips 1999 (basketball).....
France(the host)-Macedonia
Macedonia-Germany QEC in ohrid.........

Kometal (CL) final 2002, Kometal-Ferencvaros.....(CL) final 2000,Kometal-Hypo.....
Skövde(sweden)-Vardar CWC handball
Skövde-Metallurg handball
Vardar-Ademar Leon 1999 CWC semifinal.....
Macedonia-Germany, male world championchips in egypet 1999
Russia-Macedonia, male euro championchips 2000, game ended 27-27, gret ticket and that's way i wanted it.....
Macedonia-Danmark, 25-23, female handball team, great win in the female Euro championchips against the Brazilians in female handball Denmark.

Vollyball, Rabotnicki Fersped in the quarter finals of the top team cup against a Holland team with the half NT....

I was on place to watch the titel match(interkontinental) in Ochrid 2002!!!!!!!!!!!! It was a fantastic and unforgettable atmosphere and Mitreski destroyd this argentina boxer in Ohrid..... It was during the summer and tourist period in Ohrid so it was maybe 5.000 people for this match.....
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