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is a young(22) right midfielder of Serie B side Salernitana, he has played superbly this season!

He was also selected in the EURO 2000 under-21 but didn't played cuz Gattuso was prefered over him, wich is understandeble because Gattuso has much more expierence.

He is not that expensive(maby 5$ million:)) and has played as a regular very often at the Salerno club.

Other italian clubs are also following him but Milan and Inter have probaly fallen off cuz they singed Brncic and Farinos respectivly.

I think he can be a very usefull transfer, he could back up Fuser for a year and let him play in the Coppa and the UEFA cup, and after a year let him take over Fuser.

He IS great, he could forget all about Brocchi, Farinos and Lauren!!!

Tedesco and Vanucchi are also great 'young' players but are more likley to join other Serie A clubs:(
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