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UEFA has announced the ban for the Portuguese players after the mayhem...
After the match itself I couldn't see for sure which players attacked the ref, whic ones didn't. I wasn't even sure who the red card was for until the news came out.
But until this announcement by UEFA I remained worried because I didn't know whether or not Couto/Conceicao participated.

Well it turned that none of these 2 are affected. :) But I feel sorry for these Portuguese - the most harsh suspensions by UEFA to date:
Abel Xavier - 9 months
Nuno Gomes - 8 months
Paulo Bento - 7 months
all in UEFA competitions. Similarly, they'll miss 3 opening matches of Portugal in the WC qualifier as well.

This question still remains at the back of my mind: had these been more 'star' players, would the suspensions be that harsh? We'll never know...

Forza Lazio
Phew...for Conceicao, Couto
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