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The last jewel in the Marseille crown, Peter Luccin, will sign for Paris St. Germain on Friday in a FF90 million (€14m) deal. “Staying in France is my highest priority but I hope that Olympic Marseille fans will understand my leaving,” said the midfielder.

Whether Marseille fans do forgive Luccin for moving to archrivals PSG remains to be seen. He may also have problems with the supporters of the Parisian club, and their reaction will be vital as to how the striker gets on.

“Even though Luccin was considered to be vital to Marseille, we needed the cash,” admitted club manager Eric Di Meco.

PSG have tempted Luccin, not just with a healthy financial incentive, but also with the possible arrival of Nicolas Anelka. The two are close friends. If PSG have already wrapped up the Anelka deal, they aren’t saying. The club is busy preparing for their Champions League campaign.

Many people thought he would join an Italian team, but it's great to see him stay in France to develop further. :)

Luccin is probably the biggest young talent that still plays in France :)
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