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Luca Toni stated he'd like to go back to Fiorentina sometime?

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He of course did not meant immediately, but Toni states today he would love to go back to Fiorentina and win a Serie A title with them.

He's already 31, so I'm guessing he'll play this season through at Bayern and then go back?
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I think he'll stay on for next season as well, assuming he has a reasonably good season. He's clearly a bit homesick, but Bayern will want to hold onto him for more than just 2 years.
Well that's the same thing that when Ballack said he wanted to finish his carrear at Hertha Berlin at some point.

He will stay at least until 2010 at Bayern, then someone like Mario Gomez will take his place and he will move back to Fiore as you said.
But Toni is 31 now.

Ballack at 30 said he wants to finish his career at Chelsea.

I think if Toni is serious, he will leave at the end of this season.
Del Piero is 33 and still it seems he'll go on for 2 more seasons.
It's all unnecessary speculations.

While he is in the NT I doubt he would go back to Fiorentina immediately because Gilardino his main threat to the number 9 with the NT is at the club too :D
I don't think Gilardino stands a chance against Toni

Nonetheless, as Frank said, is pure speculation, most likely Toni will not leave.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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