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Luca is right

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Luca Marchegiani has voiced his concern. While the media has expressed interest the past weeks weather Lazio will loose the last game against Inter to prevent roma from winning Lo Scudetto, Marchegiani points out an interesting fact...

Luca: " I don't understand why everyone talks about Lazio-Inter since weeks ago and no one is considering Torino-Roma. And the situation is the same."

Marchegiani is right here. Torino has nothing to play for and they could loose to roma because Juventus is still in the title race. Why has no journalist asked them questions? This once again proves the unfair appoach the media is taking towards Lazio! We are not loved by the press as Juve and we probably never will be. But it just pisses me off theat no one takes Torino-roma into consideration.
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It's trendy to dislike Lazio. To call it a rascist/fascist club and to also generalise the fans as rascists/fascists is considered a big priority by the media and alot of people, even though half the time alot of them are unaware of what is going on. Alot of people like to just open their mouths and act like experts, unfortunately alot of times it's just bad words about our club coming out of these peoples mouths.

What can we do? :depress:
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