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Louis van Gaal: 1997-2000

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Now VG resigned, a little summary of his achievements with Barça...
Everything started well. Although we were kicked out of the CL (we all remember Dynamo Kyiv), VG brought us the European Supercup, La Liga and the Copa del Rey. It was our first double in 58 years. The second season we should do better in the CL, but finalists Bayern Munchen and Manchester United didn't agree with us. But hey, we still won La Liga. In his third season he should have taken it all. And we would have, if it wasn't for VG. And that's something we can't forgive him. His stupid 3 defender-system made us lose La Liga and the CL, and by his arrogance we were disqualified in The Copa. No Barça-coach ever was so successful and so hated as VG. A very strange combination....

VG said when he started: my aim is to play with many young Catalans...
He brought Gabri, Xavi,Puyol, Mario, Nano and Santamaria (although the last two played only one match...) to Barça A.

BUT: He never was true Barça. Never he and the fans agreed. He always was in a kind of war with the media... Barça never was a stable team under his supervision...

So I'm looking back with very mixed feelings...
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I think vg bought that many dutch players because he did'nt know them, and if you look at the players he bought without catalanian eyes i think they all did very well, about rivaldo, vg did the only right thing to do never to let a player control you.
i feel a bit sorry for vg.

ps:he changed barca's system from 4 def. to 3 def. because barca's qualities is the attacking formation.

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