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Lopez: news from UEFA.com

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Valencia CF striker Claudio López will be signing for Italian champions S.S. Lazio after the UEFA Champions League Final, according to Spanish newspaper reports. The Argentine international has not made any formal announcement about his future but he made a deliberate gesture of waving goodbye to the Valencia fans in the Mestalla stadium after their 2-1 victory over Real Zaragoza in the final league match of the Spanish season.

Claudio López is tossed into the air by his Valencia CF teammates
(© Reuters)
López strikes
The victory, which was sealed with a 70th minute goal from López, secured Valencia's place in next season's UEFA Champions League regardless of whether they overcome Real Madrid CF in the Final. López was also given a bruising, but joyous, send-off by his team mates after four years of service at the club. Ten Valencia players grabbed him after the final whistle and physically tossed him into the air.
It has been an open secret in Spain for about six weeks that López is bound for Lazio. The Rome-based club are reportedly prepared to pay Valencia around $30 million for López, who impressed Lazio president Sergio Cragnotti after he tore the Italian side apart when they met in the UEFA Champions League Quarter-Final recently. López is likely to replace Chilean striker Marcelo Salas, for whom Chelsea FC are prepared to pay a British transfer record fee of around $25.2million, according to British media reports, with Internazionale FC also reported to be interested.
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hey scottish tony - and what exacly did i say in my topic few days ago ???

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Relax! Scottish Tony probably didn't see!

well, with that sellsign that crag hangs on salas´s neck it sure ain´t any wonder that there´s some rumours about salas going here or salas going there. see laziomania " i think salas could stay with us, but it´s not only up to us". what kind of a thin disquise for "make your bids" is that?

i´m getting resigned to the thought that salas is about to become an explayer and pushing up the bleeding daisys invisible on other soil.

there are two things though. for the love of god, don´t sell short. with prices today being what they are and strikers being particulary upgraded. the price for salas is not 25 mil$ but more in the area of 30 mil$. secondly get a goddamn repurchaseclasul, cause with the ongoing trend we´re going to try to get him back and he´s bound to be more expensive. don´t sell him.. when in doubt stay out.

Indeed, I don't have the time or the energy to read everything posted here "ssLazio11". If I read your post I've forgotten it. My memory isn't what it was. I've already forgot I said that if you know what I mean.


Batistuta playing with Lopez sounds nice. If it happened I hope it works better than his partnership with Chiesa.


Does anyone know if Lazio are still playing in a triangular tournament in Holland in august?

Scottish Tony,

Yes, they will! :)
The "Amsterdam Tournament". 3-5 August. Ajax, LAZIO, Arsenal and Barcelona.

Primi a nascere...
Ultimi a morire!
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