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Lopez "i Would Stay At Lazio!"

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By Alex

Already supposed to be one of the hot names on Lazio's departure list in the coming transfers market, the goal scored at 'Delle Alpi' on Saturday night against Juventus could have changed now the future of Argentine forward Claudio Lopez.

The 'Piojo' in fact interviewed on Tuesday expressed his will is to stay at the Roman club, especially because he couldn't show his best to Lazio's supporters in these two seasons.

"If the decision would depend from me, well, I would stay" said Lopez

"I'm sure I can give a great contribute to this squad and that I can do a lot better than I did till now. And I have to add this year was more positive than the past one, when I was plagued by injuries"

"However it was a strange season, we were not able to play as we know in the most of the games. But there is still a bit of time to turn this championship in something better, anyway our main target should be to conquer back our own supporters" the Argentine concluded.
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No wonder he would like to stay in Lazio, especially if the team next season is like this.

FW:Crespo, Lopez
MF: Veron, Simeone, Castroman, someone
DF: Sorin, someone, someone, someone
GK: someone
utopia said:
What's your point, Pomagia?:confused: You want to say that he wants to stay in Lazio simply because there are lots of Argentines in the team?:rolleyes::confused:
I didn't mean "He wants to stay in Lazio SIMPLY because there are a lot of Argentines in the team".
But I suppose, maybe GREATLY or MAINLY because of that, he loves Lazio so much.

Veron often referres to his love for Lazio and has often visited Formello and the Olimpico.
This shows he loves Lazio, yes, in a sense. But objectively, what he loves so much, wants to see and has visited is actually Crespo, Lopez, Simeone and Castroman, much more than LAZIO.
Can you insist that he would love LAZIO without those Argentine friends?
Veron even wants Lazio to get more Argentine players. You know, he, as a matter of fact, asked for Sorin and Brudisso, as well as asking to keep Crespo.
Not only once, Crespo also stated in public he wants Lazio to get beck Veron as a condition that would make him decide to stay at Lazio.
Can Lopez be different from the two?
Simeone criticized Zac the other day. It was a bit surprising a player so openly did that, however reasonable his opinions were. No one among the club's side or the supporters or the media criticized or argued about that, while other players, like Fiore and Nesta, were thought to be like troublemakers, when they made some statements on the coach or the front and brought about exaggerated misinterpretations, misunderstandings and frictions. I feel Simeone's case shows how much Argentine players are thought to be SOMETHING special in Lazio.

Argentine NT camped at Formello before they played a friendly match against Azzurri last year.
And I read they will have a pre-camp at Formello again before the WC.

If I were an Argentine player in Lazio, I would feel absolutely comfortable in Lazio and Formello, as if I was at home.
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