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an israeli sport magazin(doriani-"shem ha'mishak") did an article about the 13 most cursed teams in the world(13+1 actually) anyway,
3.newcastle united
4.america de kali(colombia)
5.schalke 04
6.c.f.c genoa
7.gimnasia la plata
8.racing club
10.sporting lisbon
11.atletico madrid
+1.hapoel tel aviv basketball club

now,it is writen that in genoa there's a samp graffigi that says "in genoa,its or sampdoria,or a psychology detect"
im sorry but my translating an italian sentence that is writen in hebrew,to english,so it may be a blur..

can someone post here a picture of that graffiti ?
(what a builder for that question ah ?:tongue:)

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A Genova: o Sampdoria... o psicanalisi!

but I don't know where you can find a pic of it.

Indeed it's so true. The Cricket have had a good season but once more they will end behind Sampdoria (I think it's already certain as we have 10 points more with 6 games to play). The last time Genoa had a better position was in 1981-82. :eek:
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