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You won't have a group of death like ARG-ENG-NIG-SWE in 2006, because in Germany, teams like England will be seated while underdogs ( although they performed well ...) like Japan and S. Korea will only be in the lottery draft if they qualify for the WC ....
In 2006 i think, we will see a very strong England team, if you consider how young their squad was at this WC. These players will gain experience and excellence, and they will be one of the top teams in 2006.
Argentina and Brazil will be among the top favourites ( as always....). They have so much talent to choose from, it's nearly unbelievable...
We will have to see how France overcomes their World Cup desaster. Perhaps they will get in trouble if they don't stop to rely on Zidane only , this guy will be 34 in 2006.

The Netherlands hopefully will qualify for 2006 :D ! If they do, they will play a strong World Cup ! The Netherlands are always one of the best teams.

And i expect Germany to be much stronger in terms of their ability to PLAY soccer. Deisler as a playmaker will be a decisive factor in the 2006 team , with him, Germany will even be able to play attractive soccer :D :D . And guys like Christian Rahn and Daniel Bierofka will solve the problems Germany actually has in their left midfield. Wait for some excellent crosses from Rahn from the left side , i think, Klose would like to see him in the team already next sunday :D ...
Ballack should be on the top of his career - he will be 29 and i expect him to be the undisputable team leader, like Matthaeus back in 1990 when he steered Germany to the victory in Italy ( he also was 29 years old....).

And if FIFA and UEFA manage to reduce the total number of matches played in the european season, we will see much fewer injured stars and the World Cup will have a much higher quality in comparison to 2002.
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