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It will be a more interesting WC in my opinion in 2006 than in 2002 for obvious reasons. For the sake of the game, let us hope that:
1) FIFA and UEFA unite together to reduce the # of games played during the season in order to avoid what happened this year with all the best players being overly exhausted.
2) FIFA makes wise choices for their referees selection and why not, incorporate the video usage to help the ref make the crucial calls.

To answer your question Soccer Star, undoubtedly, France will rebound back. This year was just "an accident" because with the youth system in place and the players we have, we will be back. Stronger than ever? That's the million dollars question and that's the job and duty of the French FA to make sure they will be stronger than ever and also make sure as to not commit the same deadly mistakes that they've made this year.

Argentina should also be back as they also have a tremendous pool of talent. Holland should be back with a major will to do something big. Germany, well, is Germany always there. Brasil as always present. Italy and Spain back to business and Portugal if they can replace the golden generation with a new one at least half talent as this one, would be good to watch.

The WC back to its true self!!!

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