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Last night when I just was going to switch off my phone and before going to bed, I got an sms from a girl who I’d met in Bakovka. She invited me to watch a training at the stadium. Of course, I agreed without thinking twice :D
We came there a bit late when the guys were already stretching and our damn doc said the training was almost over (joking as usual :rollani: ). For a second I got :relieved: cos then I wouldn’t have to skip a class. But in reality the training was only just beginning :D
They trained at the reserve field, not at the stadium, and we could stand very close to the field. It was nice to see the guys again after such a long break but this time I was mostly concentrated on Polyakov :D
It was actually a usual training so there’s nothing much I can write about it. After some running and practicing with a ball they played a game, 3x20 minutes. Ovchinnikov and Polyakov were at the gates while Krivoruchko trained with keepers’ coach (Krivoruchko is rather :heart: btw :eek: ). Boss’ team won 2:1 but they weren’t really stronger. Obviously the guys who played for ‘yellow’ team (Sych, Marat, Lima, Los’…) will be in starting 11 in Samara. Evseev left earlier than the rest saying that his leg hurt :(
After the training I didn’t take any signatures (have enough already :stuckup::D) although there were really lots of chances. I even liked it more than in Bakovka, it was easier to catch players :D
Btw, Loko reserves trained at the field nearby and after main team left, we went there to watch reserve team for a while :D So when we finally were leaving the stadium, we came across Los’, Polyakov, Jovanovich and some others who were getting into their cars. Damn Bilyash almost run me over with his car :mad::howler:
Well, all in all it was the opening of the training season for me :shades::D

PS. I also took some pics but have absolutely no time to dl them now…
1 - 20 of 31 Posts
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