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does anybody give me some information about loc.moscow ?squad,trainer,most important points and players..thanx..

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Well, first of all if Besiktas or Levski (whoever advances to the third round) plays like in the first game it would be the Russians to continue. They are now very close at the back of Spartak M pressing them very much and having won one of the direct matches 3-2 (the other was 0-0). Their coach is Yrii Syomin (I'm not sure about the spelling)- 47 years old. IN the last year they won the cup of Russia against CSKA M :) .
From my info this is their squad:
Here are the coresponding numbers (unofficial):

And I think this is not quite correct because Iliya Tsymbalar is far better as a central midfielder having greater freedom because he is their best player. Smetrin is quite good on the left flank- he is stable in the back using to move forward quite often. Eseev does the same job on the right with changing success. From the others Zaza Dzanashiya should be paid a special attention because he is very unpredictable used to quickly set apart from the deffenders. The other forward Oleg Teryohin is considered one of the hopes of Russia (born on 12 of August 1980), he hasn't build up enough physique yet, but is quite powerfull in the front. The reserve of the forwards is Dmitriy Bulikin (20.11.1979) also a talanted player, but I believe he is more a wing player (I'm not sure about this one).
And I almost forgot they signed a portugal player, but I forgot his name.
Heh, of course, I'm giving you this info because as a fan of Levski I'm already prepared for our next oponent :eek: .

You dont know jack about Besiktas. Even last year we could have been the champions . This year we are a lot stronger and if you have any friends in Turkey you should definetly ask about Besiktas. Three more days , and I dont have to hear from you any more.

Forever and ever Besiktas
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