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I BELIEVE!!! romania will show the world that they are the best eastern european team by beating portugal and england!!

hey eclipse, hows it going man? email me:)

ps. this new forum really sucks! i connect to the page, but the content loads very slowly...its like the server doesnt have enough RAM to load faster.

predictions: romania 3-1 portugal
england 0-2 romania

Romania 3-1 Portugal is a wild prediction IMO

Portugal together with France have been unitl now the best teams. Portugal has a world-class midfield, and have very quick players too. Romania should have done better against such a weak weak German team.
But like I said, I'll be happy to see Romania win, but my brain tells me, Portugal will sneak home.
Figo, Rui Costa, Joao Pinto, theyr'e just unstoppable
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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