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Liverpool Prediction League -- Yeovil vs Liverpool

Next games:
4/1 Yeovil v Liverpool(FA Cup 3rd rd)
7/1 Chelsea v Liverpool
10/1 Liverpool v Aston Villa
17/1 Tottenham v Liverpool
31/1 Liverpool v Everton
8/2 Bolton P-P Liverpool (could be postponed)
11/2 Liverpool v Man City
21/2 Liverpool v Portsmouth
26/2 Liverpool v Levski Sofia (Uefa Cup 3rd rd 1st leg)
29/2 Leeds v Liverpool

Objective: Guess the score, pick the scorers and guess when the first goal is scored. Cumulate your points and climb up the standings. And if possible, win the whole darn thing.

1) Correct side to win/lose: 5pts; Both sides to draw: 8pts
2) Correct margin of victory (draws not included): 5pts (bonus)
3) Correct score: 20pts (Rules 1 and 2 do not apply)
4) Correct players to score (per goal): 8pts
5) Special Liverpool defender who score (per goal): 5pts(bonus)
(Liverpool defenders refers to these players: Henchoz, Hyypia, Babbel, Carragher, Vignal, Traore, Welsh, Otsemobor)
6)Special Liverpool midfielders who score (per goal): 3pts (bonus)
(Liverpool midfielders refers to these players: Kewell, Finnan, Smicer, Murphy, Hamann, Gerrard, Riise, Diao, Biscan, Partridge, Cheyrou, Sheridan)
7) Own goals for Liverpool (per goal): 5pts (bonus)
8) Liverpool GK who scores (per goal): 20pts (bonus)
9) Special Liverpool player who score (per goal): 5pts(bonus)
10) Predicting 4 goals or more for Liverpool or the opposition more than what the teams actually scores: -5pts per goal (penalty)
11) For taking part: 5pts
12) Exact score and scorers: 5pts (bonus)
13) For predicting correctly the time period when the first goal is scored (by Liverpool or their opponents): 10pts
14) For predicting the time period when the first goal is scored when match ends 0-0: 5pts.

*In summary, for predicting correct players scoring against Liverpool you will only get 5 pts per goal.

1) Submit prediction of scores and scorers for both sides before match kickoff.
2) Submit names of players who you think will score. If you think a player will score twice, please write his name twice or indicate 2 or something like that. Likewise for hattricks and scoring 4 goals and above.
3) Be logical and sensible.
4) For Rule 8, it is to discourage predicting big scores. If you predict Liverpool to win 5-0 but Liverpool only draw 0-0, you will lose 10 points. If Liverpool win 1-0, you will lose 5 points
5) For predicting time-periods, pls indicate using these symbols:
(A) 1st to 15th min
(B) 16th to 30th min
(C) 31st to 45th min (incl injury time)
(D) 46th to 60th min
(E) 61st to 75th min
(F) 76th to 90th min (incl injury time)

Special player #1: Florent Sinama-Pongolle
Special player #2: Harry Kewell

Send in your predictions by kickoff. Any queries or comments pls post or PM me. Have fun.


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Yeovil 0 - 2 Liverpool (Smicer, Kewell)

Winter is Coming.
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lets say 2-2 kewell, pongelle, and two of Yeovil's defenders
replay at anfield will be 3-1 smicer, hamann, owen and a Yeovil mid

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Yeovil 0-2 Liverpool (Kewell, Pongolle) (B)


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I'm going for our magical number..

Yeovil 1 (No idea who plays for them)
Liverpool 3 (Kewell, Murphy, Pongolle)

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