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Liverpool Prediction League -- Bayer Leverkusen vs Liverpool

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Our ties in Apr.

Apr 09 Bayer Leverkusen Champions League Quarter Final (A) 19:45
Apr 13 Sunderland Barclaycard Premiership (A) 17:35
Apr 20 Derby County Barclaycard Premiership (H) 15:00
Apr 23 Unknown Champions League Semi Final (1) *
Apr 27 Tottenham Hotspur Barclaycard Premiership (A) 15:00
* Possibilities only

Liverpool Prediction League -- Bayer Leverkusen vs Liverpool

Objective: Guess the score and pick the scorers. Cumulate your points and climb up the standings.

1) Correct side to win/lose: 5pts
Both sides to draw: 8pts
2) Correct margin of victory (draws not included): 5pts (bonus)
3) Correct score: 20pts (Rules 1 and 2 do not apply)
4) Correct players to score (per goal): 5pts
5) Special Liverpool defender/midfielders who score (per goal): 5pts(bonus)
(Liverpool defenders/midfielders refers to these players: Carragher, Babbel, Hyypia, Henchoz, Riise, Vignal, Kippe, Wright, Murphy, Biscan, Hamann, McAllister, Xavier)
6) Own goals for Liverpool (per goal): 5pts (bonus)
7) Liverpool GK who scores (per goal): 20pts (bonus)
8) Special Liverpool player who score (per goal): 5pts(bonus)
9) Predicting 4 goals or more for Liverpool or the opposition more than what the teams actually scores: -5pts per goal (penalty)
10) For taking part: 5pts

*In summary, for predicting correct players scoring against Liverpool you will only get 5 pts per goal.

1) Submit prediction of scores and scorers for both sides before match kickoff.
2) Submit names of players who you think will score. If you think a player will score twice, please write his name twice or indicate 2 or something like that. Likewise for hattricks and scoring 4 goals and above.
3) Be logical and sensible.
4) For Rule 8, it is to discourage predicting big scores. If you predict Liverpool to win 5-0 but Liverpool only draw 0-0, you will lose 10 points. If Liverpool win 1-0, you will lose 5 points

Special player: Jari Litmanen

For full rules and points system, pls refer to previous posts.

Send in your predictions by 1945GMT on 9 Apr Tue. Any queries or comments pls post or PM me. Have fun.

We are not accepting any more participants.

Take note: This match might go into Extra-time. Your prediction should reflect the score after 90 minutes only.

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Updated standings (after Leverkusen game):
:lazy: absent, :nerd: Top League, :stress: Top Cup, :jester: Top Apr

1 eymc 432 pts :nerd: :jester:
2 Button 425 pts
3 paw 400 pts :stress:
4 Yasir 386 pts
5 pool 381 pts
6 bryan 365 pts
7 The Reds 355 pts :lazy:
8 TJK 355 pts
9 RazorUK 335 pts :lazy:
10 bartle 329 pts :lazy:
11 BOSH 310 pts :lazy:
12 menul 275 pts :jester:
13 Bodat 265 pts
14 Mindscape 256 pts :jester:
15 JLP 235 pts :lazy:
16 King Italy 235 pts :lazy:
17 Mr Fowler 200 pts :lazy:
18 AE 200 pts
19 Liverbird 183 pts :lazy:
20 utopia 155 pts :lazy:
21 Carson 123 pts :jester:
22 Johny 115 pts
23 juuvee 70 pts
24 Stormcrow 58 pts :lazy:
25 Rocky 25 pts :lazy:

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Leverkusen 0 Liverpool 1 (Owen)
Leverkusen 2 - Liverpool 1 (Kirsten, Ballack - Owen)
leverkusen - liverpool 3:1

neuville, ballack, lucio - owen
Bayer Leverkusen 1 (Nueville)
Liverpool 1 (Owen)
leverkusen 1 liverpool 1
ballack owen
leverkusen 1 liverpool 1
ballack owen
BL 1 Liverpool 2

Nueville Owen
Bayer 1 (Ballack) Liverpool 1 (Owen)
Bayer 1 Liverpool 2
ballack owen, Didi
Leverkusen-Liverpool 4:1

Ballack, Neuville, Neuville, Berbatov - Owen

This is a one game only appearence, on need to make my fabulous one game all winning record public in your list :D
Leverkusen 1-1 Liverpool
(Neuville) (Owen)
Leverkusen 1 (Ballack) - Liverpool 1 (Jari)
Leverkusen 1 (Ballack)
Liverpool 1 (Owen)
Leverkusen - THE MIGHTY LIVERPOOL 0-0 :D
Leverkusen 1 - Liverpool 0

Leverkusen win it on penalty kicks.
1 - 20 of 56 Posts
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