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Liverpool need players!!

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In the summer, i really do hope that Liverpool invest in a couple more players. We proved this season that we're a good team but we're short of a couple of players. Firstly, the position of right wing should be dealt with. I personally don't like David Thompson. He runs around like a headless chicken!! He may be a good prospect but we want to challenge Man utd next season, not in 5 years!!
Plus, I think we could do with a left-back and another centre midfielder. If we get these players, I can sense trophies!!

Anyone heard anything on Bixente Lizarazu??

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Firstly GH deserves a medal for the progression he has taken this club in 1 year and secondly we will buy players this summer , but I do think our buying policy is determined by the fact of us being in the CL or not .
It's simple the top players want to play CL football and that's a fact , so if we don't get CL , we will have to accept that may be players that would sign for us won't .
Bixie I am not not about joining us if we have no CL and ZZ , well we may forget it with him .I heard today only that he is SUPPOSEDLy getting LFC matches sent over to him on video so he can see the team play !!!!!!!
Al;so the story goes the Karanbau (the french guy form Real Madrid ) has been to Melwood so he could also be joining .
Who know's , but the one sure thing that GH knows is we need more top quality players.
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meself and some mates bumped into Houllier yesterday and he said that the new players he brought in this season are very tired and were not used to a full English season. May explain the terrible results lately. Also heard from a very reliable source in the club the the Zidane deal is complete and that his house has been set aside and everything is in place....except the CL spot. No CL no ZZ. Not sure if I believe that myself but the source is very very good.
Hey, Badge, next time you bump into Mr. Houllier say hello from me and also tell him if he sells any of our strikers this summer the assasin squad from California knows where to get him.
badge-are u implying that if we do get into CL...we get ZZ!?????

and if we don't ..no ZZ!?? :(
What a kick in the teeth.

No CL means not only will we not play against Barce, Juve and the likes next year but no Lizarazu or ZZ!! :(
I doubt that it would happen, but Houllier should invest in the future, and rekindle his initial interest in Andres D'Alessandro an all around excellent attacking midfielder / playmaker from Argentina.

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the problem we encountered with dàllessandro what that his club was asking too much..after agreeing the initial fee...

then there were work permit problems as he had rarely played in the argentina 1st team..
that`s why Gh decided to cool down interests..
It's strange though how many players that we have been linked with this year, some of them are world class (ZZ, Lizarazu, Recoba), some have been very good (Sullivan, Domi) and some of them have been stinkers (Thatcher). We should buy a few young playersv (especially Murphey as the goalkeeper) but also experienced players as the squad is big enough anyway.
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