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I want to see the following players tried out and wearing the shirt: Rossi, Giovinco, Balotelli, Cigarini, Nocerino, Marchisio, Aqualiani, Montolivio, Criscito, Silvestri, Osvaldo, Pazzini and Gambirini (the ones in bold is a must)

Italy is full of talents and I hope Lippi recognises this, time to stop undermining the young talented players instead of old 'experience'.
Rossi- yeah, what the hell arethey waiting on?

Giovinco- only a matter of time

Balotelli- I hope so too

Cigarini- may he live up to his hype first

Nocerino- all Juventini, one the count of three... 1... 2... 3... NO WAY!

Marchisio- he probably will, if he gets enough playing time with Juve

Aquilani- I think he's already a regular

Montolivo- he will be there

Criscito- have you seen him play? if anyone, Santacroce instead

De Silvestri- he needs to find some consistency

Osvaldo- same as De Silvestri and more playing time

Pazzini- not with last season's performances

Gamberini- for sure
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