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I didn't see last nights game but glad I didn't have to from what I've been reading about it.

I just want to know why Lippi is so stubborn in not calling up Cassano? He was one of the few positives at the Euro's

Lippi decided to call up most of his trustee's from WC'06, what good would Iaquinta add to the NT? He's 4th choice at Juve now. Macro Cassetti? Dossena? and Bonera? I'm sure there are other better alternatives available to the NT

Gila plays one official game and he is suddenly back to his old best? While players like Maggio who has been nothing short of sensation isn't worthy of at least a call up.

I don't intend to read too much into a friendly game, but quite frankly I expected better from Lippi. The world has moved on so you can't simply 'pick up' from where you've left off Lippi.

During the qualifiers, I'd like to see Lippi more adventurous in his selection. With all due respect to veterans no more Del Piero, Ambrosini, Gattuso and Materazzi. I want to see a young and talented NT full of energy and ideas. Cassano needs to be called up again, more professionalism from Lippi please.

I want to see the following players tried out and wearing the shirt: Rossi, Giovinco, Balotelli, Cigarini, Nocerino, Marchisio, Aqualiani, Montolivio, Criscito, Silvestri, Osvaldo, Pazzini and Gambirini (the ones in bold is a must)

Italy is full of talents and I hope Lippi recognises this, time to stop undermining the young talented players instead of old 'experience'.
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