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Line-Up for the Return Leg against Depo???

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I have made this thread in trying to figure out who Fergie will play against Depo at home in the return leg of the QF.
A few crutial players will not be taking place:

*Scholesy - suspended!
*Keano - injured (4 weeks or so)
*Veron - he too is injured and cannot take place
*Becks - (In doubt, BUT i reckon he will play)
Also: Chadwick - do not try and put him in as he is also injured!

SO, if u were Fergie, what would u do???



I believe that this would be a great strategy to hold of Depo at home, and even to try and put a couple in the back of the net!
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I Think he will play like what u said

Neville Johnsen Blanc Silvestre
P.Neville Beckham Giggs

RVN Solskjaer

This to me is still a very strong team that can hang on to a two goal lead with no probs.
I think we'll play:



Van Nistelrooy--Ole

I think Fergie will have Butt dropping in, with Giggsy maybe pushing on a bit.
i think we`ll play a 4-4-2 i this one

gaz blanc ronny silvestre
forlan becks butt giggs
rvn ole

if becks is fit.
---------- Barthez ----------
Gaz / Blanc / Johnsen / Micky
------------ Butt ------------
P. Neville / Becks / Giggs
--------- Ruud / Ole --------

This is one of those moments when I wish we had Paolo Di Canio in our line-up. That really would have been frightening for our opposition!:devil:
I guess Man United can makeit with any team that is available till the big guns come back.....

Question guys : how serious veron and kean's injuries ?
Don't count on Becks being back for that one. I think you're really going to suffer in the return simply because of your injuries. Depor will knock you out!
No! It is now official that Becks will be fit for the return leg against Depo!

That is a huge boost for us as we r running of of midfield options!

But i believe even without Becks, that we could have scraped through!

The way we played against Depo at the Raizor was absolutly special.

My only concern is that we will be without Keano in the Semi's (counting on the boyz to get us there first)

Hope that Giggs, Ruud and Becks rip out sumthin special to get us through! I believe they will!
It will be interesting so see how far you go without Keane.
Keano will be sorely missed.He's the heart and soul of this team and its such a pity to lose him for 6 weeks.:(:depress:

Butt will be again given the job of marking the dangerous Valeron.He did an excellent job at the Riazor and hopefully will do the same at Old Trafford.

With the good news of Becks being available for the return leg,it means Fergie will slot him into the center alongside Butt.Becks has always wanted to prove himself in this position....this is his golden oppurtunity.:)

Since we have a two goal lead,Fergie might opt for Phil Neville on the right flank.Phil will naturally reduce the attacking dimension of our play but will provide a lot of cover for Gaz down that flank.

On the left Fergie will employ either Giggs or Fortune,depending on which formation he opts for.If he plays 4-4-2 then Giggsy slots into his usual role down that left flank but if Fergie goes for 4-4-1-1 then Fortune will play on the left flank while Giggsy plays as the support striker alongside Ruud.

With Beckham's return,the side now has a more balanced look and should really be able to get the job done at OT.:)
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is Beckham playing??????? coz of that tackle from tristan
Well,just to tell u guys that Veron will play according to Ferguson........so better start changing ur lienups.
After hearing Veron will start here is my new line up:
gk- Barthez
df- g.neville,blanc,johnsen,silvestre
st-van nistelrooy
veron is a possible. i think we can safely expect him to start with becks sitting on the bench should he be required, but remember how quickly he recovered for the germany game after getting injured at villa.
I think that Becks will probably start on Wednesday.With Veron returning Fergie might go back to 4-4-2 and bring in Ole alongside Ruud,shifting Giggsy to the right.
No way Fergie will sit Becks if he's available to play. This game means to much; it's not like we're playing Leicester again.

Look for the following formation:

Gaz -- Johnsen -- Blanc -- Micky
Becks -- Butt -- Veron -- Giggs
Ruud -- Ole

Fergie is almost automatic choosing the 4-4-2 at home during the CL. Butt will be much more of a man-marker, asked to repeat the feat against Valeron. I do expect Irureta to ask Valeron to do a lot of running off the ball in order to find space for himself. Butt will have to be at top fitness.

Veron... well what can I say: he has to step up! The games don't get much bigger than this and questions about whether he's worth ₤28mm come down to Wednesday night. Plus he'll get to play in his precious centre midfield position. No excuses!!!!

Ole is in great form and Ruud seems to have recovered nicely from his groin injury. So, for now, no worries in that area.

We'll need Barthez to be on his game as well. If he could just repeat his effort from last week at Riazor we should be OK. But I'd expect Depor to make more of an effort to get strong chances in the box as opposed to tries from 25-30 yards out.

ManU 2 - Depor 1
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