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Line-up against Turkey

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Well boy the time has come for us to prove our worth to th world. Remember, we impressed in Euro 96 in the group phase, then fell 1-0 ti Czech Rep. The scenario is different now!!! FORCA PORTUGAL!!!!!

here is the line up I would use:


Xaxier Couto Costa Dimas

P. Sousa

Conceicao Rui Costa Figo JVP

Nuno Gomes

Offensive? Quite, but we saw Conceicao's ability to retreat and dispossess. Plus our defense is ROCK SOLID, and feel Turkey will place little threat, perhaps only on the counter attacks! My final prediction.......

PORTUGAL 3 TURKEY 0....I have been right every game thus far. YES, I called the 3-0 thrashing against teh Germans!!!!
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baia able couto costa dimas vidigal jvp costa figo conceicao and gomes...................sousa looked slow and out of it he is still not 100%. vidigal and conceicao can be pitbulls at defense
I dunno about Sousa either..he's not that fit...but maybe we should drop Joao Pinto for Conceicao...after all, Joao Pinto will still be thinking of his recent move to Sporting.
Well joao pinto has done a good job so far in Euro2000 and i wouldn't just take him out. As for p.sousa i don't think he will do alot cuz his not up 2 standard.
Not that this will reflect on tonight's result, but what was Portugal - Turkey score in Euro 96 again?

Anyway, to the match with Turkey. It seems my wish of Conceicao has come true. I knew he should have been int ehs tarting line-up since th start of Euro 2000, and against Germany it showed that he is a first XV player.

Portugal - Turkey 3-0, a thrashing, but doesn't sound too bad, Turkey are lucky to be in the last 8, they have their strongest side in years, but I didn't find them that good, and they certainly won't bother the big teams. Portugal should comfortably win this. They'll out-play the Turks, but it comes down as to who scores the most goals.
Lets wait and see. Few more hours and one of the teams n the semifinals.:)



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