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Libertadores Cup Xtravaganza!!!!!!

Hey guys, checkout our coverage of the upcoming Libertadores Cup in the CONMEBOL FORUM. We have put together all the info you want to know on the participating teams, including the Brazilian representatives (Sao Caetano, Gremio, Atletico Paranaense and Flamengo)

Things you will see
Clubs Info (Nicknames, Barrio, Stadium, Champioships, links etc)
Club history (odd stuff that has happened through the years)
Top players (the best, the coolest, simply da men)
Chants (what all the crazy fans jumping in the stands are singing and shouting)

Things you won't see
Ricardo Texeira at an after hours cocktail party with a bunch of Brazilian senators.
Pele giving back the money his company alledgedly pocketed.
Romario wearing a Brasilian NT shirt anytime soon:D
Felipao lining up an offensive Brasil team
Pictures of Ze and Voimer jumping up and down when Brasil beat Venezuela to make it to the WC.

:D :D :D :D

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