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Hey guys, checkout our coverage of the upcoming Libertadores Cup in the CONMEBOL FORUM. We have put together all the info you want to know on the participating teams, including the Argie representatives. (Boca, River, San Lorenzo, Velez and Talleres)

Things you will see
Clubs Info (Nicknames, Barrio, Stadium, Champioships, links etc)
Club history (odd stuff that has happened through the years)
Top players (the best, the coolest, simply da men)
Chants (what all the crazy fans jumping in the stands are singing and shouting):D

Things you won't see
Domingo Cavallo with a "cacerola" in hand (though I would consider putting him with a cacerola smashed on the top of his head:D)
Maradona hosing down his burning house
D'Alesandro with an Inter shirt
Riquelme with a Juventus shirt
Pictures of Czar jumping up and down when Argentina beat Brazil in BA last year:D

:D :D :D :D :D


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czar said:
Kool!! Gabe put up my pics!! :) What do you all think of me??

I was hoping for video coverage of the great Czar jumping up and down.

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C'mon Boludos !!! :howler: the stage is set...We have all the bull about the Libertadores in the Conmebol Board..Stop by....check out the groups with your Favs and leave us a note...Gabe and I went sleepless for a week trying to get our S.H.I.T. together for all to enjoy....So dont be strangers,,,,ALL are welcomed..:happy:
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