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Who will win the match up between El Nacional - Boca Juniors

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Libertadores Cup 2nd round match-up E: El Nacional - Boca Juniors

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El Nacional 2nd group 4
Boca Juniors[/b} 1st group 5

How they stack up against each other?

El Nacional: G. Ibarra is the back up in the Ecuadorian NT, fairly acrobatic but maddengly inconsistent.
Boca Juniors: Pato Abondancieri has done a decent job in replacing Cordova, though by no means he offers the security that the Colombian did.
{u]Advantage[/u] EVEN

El Nacional: Coronel, Anangono, Guagua and Quintero. Strong and burly thiese guys will not be intimidated physically. Somewhat lacking on skills though........
Boca Juniors: Burdisso, Martinez, Schiavo and Calvo solid defense that took Boca to the World Club Championship last year. Only gave up 2 goals in the 1st round
Advantage BOCA

El Nacional: Burbano, Morales, Lara and Chala. Very good midfield especially with the return of Chala for this second round. Lara is star in the making
Boca Juniors: Traverso, Serna, Gimenez and Riquelme. Anytime the current South American player of the year plays in your midfield you know this midfield is excellent. Maestro Riquelme is the man.
Advantage BOCA

El Nacional: Angel Fernandez and Evelio Ordonez are fast, strong and deadly. Ordonez is dominant in the air and will cause trouble in set pieces. Excellent counter attacking tandem.
Boca Juniors: Abel Balbo comes from Italy to give Boca a heavyweight striker, with whoever he pairs up Delgado or barros Schellotto , it will be a formidable offensive line up.
Advantage BOCA

El Nacional is dominant at home, no team was able to score a single goal against them in Quito. Boca is so experienced and though you think this is their weakest team in the last few years they still got what it takes to advance to the quarters.

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Boca Jrs advances but with a loss in Ecuador....In B As they redeem themselves in high fashion .. ;)
Round One on Thursday April 25 in Ecuador
i predict a tie 1 1 in ecuador, and a win in bs as.

it will difficult in the altitude but boca plays very good as a visitant.
in fact, in the last copa we got more points as visitors than at home.

colocolo, wacht out with new boca jewel, tevez, a young supporter striker who also can play as a playmaker. i dont think he will play in ecuador but i do think he will be in the second match.
It should be a good game, too bad it's not on TV here in North America.
Boca looks to advance through the back door


The Boca Juniors traveled to Quito, Ecuador on Thursday, to play El Nacional in their first leg in the Round of 16 in the Copa Libertadores. The teams played to a scoreless draw, a result that Boca has to feel comfortable with. For the simple reason that the altitude in Quito is so much higher than it is in Buenos Aires. Then add the fact that creative playmaker Juan Roman Riquelme didn't travel to Ecuador, the Xeneizes have to have a breath of relief. Well, that is if there is any more air in their lungs. The final leg of this series will be played on May 1st in the La Bombonera of Buenos Aires. El Nacional will have to play the match of their life if they want to even dream of a positive result playing in one of the most sacred stadiums in South America.


El Nacional: Geovanni Ibarra - Dannes Coronel (José Gavica, 79), Franklin Anangonó, Jorge Guagua, Kléber Corozo - Juan Carlos Burbano, Santiago Morales, Robert Burbano, Christian Lara (Angel Fernández, 62) - Kléber Chalá, Evelio Ordoñez

Boca Juniors: Roberto Abbondancieri - José Calvo, Rolando Schiavi, Christian Traverso, Juan Forchetti - Sebastián Battaglia, Mauricio Serna, Omar Pérez, Carlos Tevez (Christian Giménez, 74) - Abel Balbo, Marcelo Delgado

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Actually the game was on TV and I got to warch it. It was a monsoon out there last night, but Boca held off for a well deserved draw.:eek:
Last sundayI installed the DirectV para todos antenna and service here in Miami...I noticed last nite that the games that FSWE doesnt show..they are available on the PPV Option..So thats a good avenue when everything else fails ;) and you MUST watch any given game ........
Next Up

Wednesday May 1st in Bs As

Boca Juniors Vs El Nacional

Boca 0 - El Nacional 0 1st HALF

Both teams have had their chances, It seems like a good game so far.

Boca seems to be pressing all out

Calvo scored for the Xeneises.

Boca 1 - El Nacional 0
GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!! BOCA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chelo Delgado after a great play from Balbo.

Boca 2 - El Nacional 0
Boca 2 - El Nacional 0 FINAL

The defending champions are through to the quarters:)
Boca moves on, looking to 3-peat

Is a third consecutive title in store for Boca?


The Boca Juniors came into their match with El Nacional thinking that this round was already in the bag. The previous week, the Xeneizes traveled to Quito in their first leg in the Round of 16 in the Copa Libertadores. The end result was a scoreless draw. The match was very difficult because of the much higher altitude in Quito. Also their talented playmaker Juan Roman Riquelme didn't make the trip. Now Boca was at home in the famed La Bombonera of Buenos Aires. Nacional knew coming in that they would have to play the two time champs with their best outing of the year. Well El Nacional played, but not good enough to stop the two time defending South American champs, as Boca showed their class in a 2-0 victory over the Ecuadorian squad.

The defending champs let out an onslaught on their visitors goal from the very begining of the match, but El Nacional appeared to handle the pressure. Also keeper Geovanni Ibarra was alert and ready for anything that might come his way. However in the 26th minute wall finally crumpled for El Nacional. Jose Maria Calvo was the recipient of a Sebastián Battaglia cross in the Nacional area and Calvo one touched the ball into the net for the lead. Ten minutes later Boca would double the lead with a mop up goal by Marcelo Delgado. Abel Balbo had a shot on goal, but it was Delgado that finished the play. Boca went on and calmly put the Ecuadorian team to rest with their staunch defense. Boca's next opponent will be the winner of Cobreloa and Olimpia match tomorrow night. At the moment, Boca's heart is too strong to be taken lightly. The team does what it needs to do, in order to move on in this tournament.


Boca Jrs...The ONE Argentinian team I :heart: to hate !!!! ;)
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It seems we are heading for our third consecutive Copa Libertadores Trophy..

Vamos Boca.......

River lost today 4-0 to Gremio:D
to anyone who saw the macht, what do u think of tevez?

some talent there.
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