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Who will advance.. Nacional or America de Cali ?

  • Nacional (Uruguay)

    Votes: 1 25.0%
  • America de Cali

    Votes: 3 75.0%

Libertadores Cup 2nd Round Match-Up D: Nacional - America de Cali

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Nacional Fisnished 2nd in Gr.5
America de Cali Finished 1st in Gr. 4

How they stack up against each other?

Jimmy Schmidt
1 Gustavo Munua
12 Leonardo Romay
25 Jorge Bava

Luis Alberto Barbat
Javier Dusan

Luciano Dos Santos
2 Alejandro Lembo
3 Alejandro Curbelo
5 Alvaro Meneses
6 Oscar Damian Rodriguez
15 Gustavo Mendez
17 Martin Del Campo
19 Andres Scotti
23 Diego Fernandez

Fabian Vargas
Jorge Enrique Parra
Foad Mazziri
Luis Alberto Asprilla
Jorge Navarro
John Freddy Tierradentro
Ruben Bustos

Carlos Camejo
4 Daniel Leites
7 Fabian Coelho
8 Marco Vanzini
10 Julio Rodriguez
14 Richard Javier Pellejero
16 Gustavo Varela
18 Limberg Gutierrez
21 Oscar Morales
22 Peter Vera
24 Marcelo Saralegui

Jorge Eliecer Banguero
William Zapata
Mauricio Romero
Edison Mafla
Hamlet Mina
Kilian Virviescas
8 David Arturo Ferreira

Pierre Achille Webo
Daniel Fonseca
9 Saul Martinez
11 Horacio Peralta
13 Flavio Barros
20 Richard Morales

John Jairo Castillo
Jose Alcides Moreno
Julian Vasquez
Juan Pablo Jaramillo

Past History

America de Cali Vs Nacional

Copa Libertadores 2001/2001 Coppa Libertadores 17/05/01 Nacional-America de Cali 1-3
Copa Libertadores 2001/2001 Coppa Libertadores 09/05/01 America de Cali-Nacional 2-0

One tough series with tons of pressure for the Colombian side, due to their past experience in these Cups, and their obligation to win at any xpense, as they're the only ones that advanced for Colombia's sake.
Nacional was on and off, specially at home..but this series of two games is for real and they know how to handle pressure at this level.. Games that I hope are available to watch as I feel these encounters will be memorable.

WINNER America de Cali
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I also think America de Cali will prevail. This is actually a repeat of last year second round match-up between these two teams. America easily beat Nacional. It will take a major effort by the charruas to get past the cafeteros this time.

Offensively they match pretty well against each other America with Vazquez and Galvan leading the way plus Tigre Castillo. While Nacional have in Richard Morales their goal machine. Fonseca should be able to play now for the tricolores in the second round.

Midfield Mafla and Ferreira are a deadly combination for the Colombians. Watch out for Mafala's free kicks Varela and Coelho will lead the Nacional midfield. very even match up here but the speed of the colombians might be the difference.

The big gap is defensively where America has shown a solid team. Nacional is very inconsistent, in 3 games during the first round Nacional gave up 3 goals or more. America did not give up single goal at home and at no time any team scored more than one goal against them.

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colocolo said:
[Games that I hope are available to watch as I feel these encounters will be memorable.

WINNER America de Cali [/B]
They will be available.:D

All second round encounters will be shown next week on Fox Sports en Espanol:D
Re: Re: Libertadores Cup 2nd Round Match-Up D: Nacional - America de Cali

Gabemar said:

They will be available.:D

All second round encounters will be shown next week on Fox Sports en Espanol:D
Bless you... for such wonderfull news to me ears !!! :happy:
I voted for Nacional just for ehck of it, but I think a repeat of last years match up will end like last years match up.

Nacionals defense sucks.
Round One Tuesday April 23 in Montevideo
Well Nacional won 1-0 by a late goal in the 87th minute. I dont think it will be enough unless they can manage a goal in Cali. But still Nacioanals defense has been horrible, and in the pressure of Cali they will crumble.
Nacional Leaves It Late To Take First Leg


A late Marco Vanzini goal lifted Nacional over America de Cali 1-0 in Montevideo.

The visitors packed in the defense and lived on the counterattack, but Vanzini solved the defensive riddle three minutes from the end.

The huge win for the Uruguayan club puts immense pressure on the Colombians as the second leg of the quarterfinal moves to Cali on May 2nd.

NACIONAL - Gustavo Munúa; Andrés Scotti, Alejandro Lembo, Damián Rodríguez e Daniel Leites; Richard Pellejero (Fabián Coelho), Marco Vanzini e Oscar Morales; Gustavo Varela, Richard Morales e Horacio Peralta (Flavio Barros).

AMERICA DE CALI - Luis Barbat; Rúben Bustos, Luis Asprilla, John Tierradentro, Foaf Máziri; Jorge Banguero, Fabián Vargas, Edison Mafla (Tressor Moreno); David Ferreira, Hamlet Mina e Julián Vázquez (William Zapata)

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No doubt Seb, It will be a tall order for Nacional to hang on to this lead, but if they can manage to score at least a goal then all bets are off:cool:
Next Up

Thursday May 2nd in Cali, Colombia

America Vs Nacional

Nacional have done it. 0-0 Final score

2 Urugayin teams to the final eight. However I think they will have a tough time against Gremio.
Nacional Into QFs at Expense of America de Cali


Nacional managed to hold America de Cali to a 0-0 draw in the Colombian side's home stadium, the Estadio Pascual Guerrero in Cali.

Coupled with last week's late 1-0 win in Uruguay, Nacional advance to take on Brazilian side Gremio in the quarterfinals.

America sent numbers forward all evening but lacked the killer instinct to get a goal, despite Jaime De la Pava introducing Tressor Moreno and Mauricio Romero in the second half. Meanwhile, Nacional nearly won another late goal but Horacio Peralta could not convert on a counter attack in 86th minute.

Surprise, Surprise!!!!!!:dazed:

If Nacional has fixed their defensive woes, better watch out for them.:fero:
Cant wait to see the preview thread to this match.
Congrats to Nacional and their Hinchas .. I gave all the credit to America and they failed ....
Hopefully FSWE will have SOME Live soccer next week .. ;)
Only PPV TV in North America for the rest of Libertadores:depress:
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