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who will win the 2nd round match up between U. Catolica and Sao Caetano?

  • Universidad Catolica

    Votes: 3 60.0%
  • Sao Caetano

    Votes: 2 40.0%

Libertadores Cup 2nd Round Match-Up A: Universidad Catolica - Sao Caetano

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Universidad Catolica Finished 2nd in Group 8
Sao Caetano Finished 1st in Group 1

How they stack up against each other?

U. Catolica: Johnny Walker, the american keeper, is a solid and consistent goalie. He makes very few mistakes.
Sao Caetano; Silvio Luis is excellent and his physical presence is imposing. Can be somewhat inconsistent and let an easy one in, but overall very good.

U. Catolica: Cristian Alvarez, Pablo Lenci, Miguel Ramirez and Miguel Ponce are fairly secure bunch. They cover well for each other and are combative in the air. They gave up 8 goals in the first round.
Sao Caetano: Russo, Daniel, Dininho and Marco Paulo are impresive. They might be the best aerial defense left and I haven't seen them make a mistake yet. They only gave up 4 goals in the first round.:eek:

U. Catolica: Mauricio Segovia, Juan Jose Rivera, Patricio Ormazabal and Milovan Mirosevic are a consistent midfield. They hold the ball well and try to plug the middle.
Sao Caetano: Serginho, Marco Senna, Adaozinho and Ailton are very well organized and extremely disciplined. They are not as creative as when Esquerdinha commanded the midfield but still are excellent in using the wings to cross into the area for the heads of Somalia or Brandao.

U. Catolica: Daniel Perez is a dinamo that runs all over the attacking front. While Norambuena is the best Chilean center forward since Zamorano IMO.
Sao Caetano: Anailson is a superb winger almost unstopable on the dribble. Somalia and/or Brandao are area poachers that are dominant in the air.

Catolica is a good road team and will play anyone tough, but their defense might not be strong enough to contain the Sao Caetano attack. While the Brazilians will zero in Norambuena. The midfield battle and the aerial performance of the chilean defense IMO will determine the winner of this second round match up.

Winner Sao Caetano
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Gabe.....great job again...pm me pls where you're getting most of the stuff .... (I dont have 1/2 the stuff for 2nite, but I'll come thru !!!) ;)

Im goinn with U Catolica ONLY not to be a Chileno spoiler .... I have a gut feeling they can catch Sao Caetano on one bad nite..And that's all they need.

Round One Thursday April 25 in Santiago.

FSWE is announcing this game LIVE on Thursday 4-25 @ 7PM eastern/USA Time ..

Game in the second half.....Not much left All tied at 1x1 a piece ;)
The game ended in a 1x1 tie.......Sao Caetano with the upper hand all the way....Catolica in my book have surrendered their chances to advance.

Next Up

Wednesday May 1st in Brazil ...

Sao Caetano Vs Universidad Catolica

Sao Caetano Survive Penalties & U. Catolica for QF Spot


Sao Caetano survived a penalty shootout with Universidad Catolica at the Anacleto Campanella to advance to the quarterfinals of the Copa Libertadores. The second leg tie ended 1-1 just like the first leg, and the Brazilian club advanced 4-2 in the ensuing penalty kick tie-breaker.

Ten minutes after Ailton had a goal called back, Brandao gave the home side a 1-0 lead at the stroke of half time. But they could not hold on as Norambuena headed home six minutes into the second half to give the visiting Chilean club an equal chance at a QF spot.

Deadlocked at one apiece after 90 minutes, Jair Picerni's side converted four out of five spot kicks to close out a quarterfinal date with Uruguayan side Penarol.

Goals: Brandão, 45´ (Sao Caetano); Norambuena 51´(Universidad)
Penalties: Adaozinho, Marcos Senna, Marlon, Daniel (SC); Ramirez, Norambuena (UC)

If you DONT know how to score a penalty kick...you dont belong in a soccer team as a professional !!!!!
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