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Saturday 11 May 2008, 21:00 CET
Estadio Vicente Calderón
Primera División

Rafael Ramírez Domínguez (Córdoba)

Home record in 2007-2008 by Club Atlético de Madrid:
11-2-5 (44-26)

Away record in 2007-2008 by RC Deportivo de La Coruña:
6-4-8 (22-23)

Overall record at Estadio Vicente Calderón:

Ten previous meetings:
2006-2007: 2-0
1-0 Luciano Galletti (1')
2-0 Mista (84')

2005-2006: 3-2
1-0 Maximiliano Rodríguez (32')
1-1 Rubén Castro (46')
2-1 Antonio López (53')
2-2 Joan Capdevila (57')
3-2 Maximiliano Rodríguez (81')

2004-2005: 1-0
1-0 Antonio López (26')
2003-2004: 0-0
No goals
2002-2003: 3-1
1-0 José Mari (1')
1-1 Roy Makaay (5')
2-1 Fernando Torres (77')
3-1 Fernando Correa (79')

1999-2000: 1-3
0-1 Roy Makaay (23')
0-2 Roy Makaay (26')
0-3 Victor (55')
1-3 Rubén Baraja (55')

1998-1999: 1-1
1-0 José Mari (75')
1-1 Djalminha (82')

1997-1998: 3-0
1-0 José Mari (2')
2-0 Paco Jiménez (Own goal, 20')
3-0 Santi Denia (Penalty, 44')

1996-1997: 0-2
0-1 Rivaldo (53')
0-2 Corentin Martins (74')

1995-1996: 1-0
1-0 Diego Simeone (44')

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we win this and we are in champions!!

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For all the failures, the two years in Segunda and for that idiot Jesús Gil y Gil!

Yo me voy al Manzanares, al estadio Vicente Calderon, donde acuden a millares, los que gustan de un fútbol de emoción.

Porque luchan como hermanos, defendiendo sus colores, con un juego noble y sano, derrochando coraje y corazón.

Atleeeeeeeeeeeti, Atleeeeeeti, ATLETICO DE MADRID!


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Raul Garcia was very good today...my MOM
Definitely, he was absolutely superb in midfield, the passing was good and he didn't make the usual misstakes.

I'd say Fabiano Eller was good, he hasn't played in ages and comes in and replaces Luis Perea like that :thumbsup:

Pernía is an idiot, he should be sold to a Tercera División-team, he almost cost Atléti a goal tonight with his poor defending but we got lucky for once, the shot hit the post and we managed to escape :eek: I can't believe it didn't end up in the feet on a Deportivo-player after hitting the post though, it was way to close..

Kun was amazing as well, his solo-raids were absolutely phenomenal and should've had a better destiny. Maxi stepped up at the right time, showed what a captain is and really fought together with el Kun :proud:

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raul garcia was a beast.kun should have scored a goal today but oh well we won the game!

now time to clear the pernias of atleti

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hey don't wanna spoil the moment, but don't you have to play some eliminatory first? being aletis fans you shoudl know better que no se canta victoria antes de tiempo...but all in all, is an achieve you waited years to obtain it again...en hora buena
...el año que viene, a jugar mejor al futbol, que este año por momentos el aleti era mas fuerte que un valium para dormirse...

BTW who are the rival or rivals to finally obtain the spot?..I guess they tend to be piece of cake rivals...

his solo-raids were absolutely phenomenal
...he is sort of trying a Getafe goal since some time lately, nevertheless he hasn't be sellfish or not generous in his displays...of course considering he is an striker..

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its about time your back in Europes top competition.

Hope to see you guys in a nice old Madrid derby in the quarterfinals. I don't know who has more of a chance of getting to the quarterfinals though, Real Madrid or Athletico.:moan:
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