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LFP | Jornada 33 | FC Barcelona vs RCD Apañó

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FC Barcelona vs Espanyol

Camp Nou (Barcelona) Saturday, 19 Apr, 20:00

We have to win this match they win last year and we lost the title so lets kick their asses now.

btw i see no thread for this match so i opened one i hope i did it well.
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If Barca started matches the way we end them now, we'd be 20 points clear at the top surely. Why do they always do this?
Bah whatever,

Our season will be defined on Wednesday....back to the training grounds
Who cares, It's long over anyway. I'm not suprised at these results any longer.
Oh god, ****IN REF! What a ****in idiot...3min injury time. lol didn't he see the scum player s wasting time all the time...:mad:
Referee lost control of the match, as expected.

Some morons waved their little white flags again.
Ref let them kill the last 10 minutes, then starts booking OUR players when they complain about the time wasting from those bottom feeding Nazi bastards.
Man I hate Es*an*yol. Really. I don't think I'm going over the top to say I hope they all die and burn in Hell for all eternity.
Fvkin scumbags those filthy ,time wasting bastards!! Incredible how they got a point from this game. They didn't have a fvkin shot on target!!:mad:
We played very well tonight but we didnt finish so im content with this Barca i hope we can play like this against Man U but finishing better.
Referee lost control of the match, as expected.

Some morons waved their little white flags again.
Yeah, while laughing, as if it's some ****ing family fun to do when you get boored watching the game....maybe it is in Spain?
On the positive side, Touré was great again and we looked so MUCH better with the introduction of Messi. He completely changed the dynamic of our attack and we looked much more incisive.

We can do something on Wednesday.
Why the **** are you guys blaming it on the ref/wasting time???? Barcelona has more problems than that, we ****ing sucked donkey balls. I can't wait until the season is over.

No, we are not getting past Man. U. They have a way better team than us and names/shirt alone will not get us past them.
Spain should find away for fix those fvcking joke of refs!! morons, tossers and assholes!! :mad:

one thing to be said, Kameni is shit for 36 jornada, still in the other 2 he's a world class, guess who's these two games against!! :rollani:
fuking annoying game... espanyol are a bunch of time-wasting cvnts. The ref lost control at the end but he pretty much had control of the game throughout the game.

white flags should be waved even if there is a CL game coming up.... they are against Frank and nobody else because his strategy is watching Messi dribble an entire team...
after the last weeks its just normal that the fans show the white flaggs...what do you expect? we are ****ing third with this squad...
on wednesday we are out of cl...good season...

the only good thing about this ****ing draw is that rijkaard cant stay any day longer after this pathetic season...
what a surprise! I really don't even care about la liga anymore, the only game I'm looking forward to in it is the Madrid game just cause it's always exciting, but other than that, i don't care if we lose 10-0 to every other la liga team.
Fate, Destined for third, Not saddened. The United match should be fun.
who cares about how many split seconds extra we should havegotten at the end. you think our problem is 120 seconds extra at the end?
61 - 80 of 158 Posts
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