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Saturday 8 March 2008, 22:00 CET
Estadio de La Romareda, Zaragoza
Primera División

Rafael Ramírez Domínguez (Córdoba)

Home record in 2007-2008 - Real Zaragoza CF:
6-5-2 (23-13)

Away record in 2007-2008 - Club Atlético de Madrid:
5-3-4 (13-10)

Overall record away vs. Real Zaragoza CF:

Last ten meetings at La Romareda:

2006-2007: 1-0
2005-2006: 0-2
2004-2005: 0-0
2003-2004: 0-0
1999-2000: 1-1
1998-1999: 2-0
1997-1998: 1-5
1996-1997: 2-3
1995-1996: 0-1
1994-1995: 3-1

Real Zaragoza CF

01: César Sánchez
02: Carlos Diogo
03: Javier Paredes
05: Óscar González Marcos
06: Roberto Ayala
07: Peter Luccin
09: Sergio García
11: Juanfran
12: Ricardo Oliveira
14: Gabi
15: Francisco Pavón
16: Albert Celades
20: Francelino Matuzalém
21: Albert Zapater
22: Diego Milito
24: Chus Herrero

Club Atlético de Madrid

01: Ismael Falcón
03: Antonio López
04: Mariano Pernía
06: Cléber Santana
07: Diego Forlán
08: Raúl García
09: Luis García
10: Sergio Agüero
11: Maximiliano Rodríguez (C)
12: Fabiano Eller
13: Christian Abbiati
14: Zé Castro
15: José Manuel Jurado
17: José Antonio Reyes
19: Miguel de las Cuevas
21: Luis Perea
22: Pablo Ibañez
23: Juan Valera
24: Simão Sabrosa
29: Ignacio Camacho

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we will win this match, zaragoza is going to segunda in this season i gurantee this...it will be great because we can take cesar, zapater, milito from them it will be great

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I think Zaragoza have enough to stay up, but if they lose a few more games they will find themselves in serious trouble.

Im all for us taking Milito, Zapater, Aimar and maybe Sergio Garcia aswell!

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this game is realy important. with Espanol playing in madrid and Villareal playing barca a win could creaty a 4 points gap.

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Pernía came on and got screwed over by Gabi! :doh: Seriously, it was Gabi of all people! :thmbdown:

Atléti should've had 3:0 but instead Pablo scores a unlucky own goal and it's all tied up. They get the momentum going and Kun, Forlán, Simão and Maxi has to do everything in attack. That's why I've always wanted a central midfielder with playmaking abilities, these four get all too tired by doing everything offensively by themselves.

Shame Valera got injured but he didn't look fit considering he got rounded by Juanfran twice. Don't know how he's feeling but I guess Aguirre rushed that sub a bit.

More shooting in the second half, Atlético really has to start shooting when they get in position, you can't always make fancy plays.

Cléber is doing well, he plays with composure and is good in defence. Raúl Garcías passes has been bad though, improvement there as Atléti can't chase all night long.

The attacking four has been great of course, well, Maxi could still up his level a bit.

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Frustrating loss, especially as Atlético had chances to convert on.

I just hope Valera is ok, Aguirre should consider calling up a B-team-player as Pernía is getting worse and worse, he's not shit any longer, he's reached the limit where you have no words any longer.

Juanfran should've been sent off, he didn't get sent off, I won't complain about that though.

Kun had his chance and so did Forlán, both missed and Atléti lost.

Now let's hope Barcelona can win against Villarreal while Sevilla and Racing loses their games.
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