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Forlan does it again :happy::happy:
I'm also really happy to see that Lucho got in there and after five mins. he scored his first La Liga goal, after a good pass from Forlan..
Maybe Pellegrini will see that Forlan and Lucho can play together..
This again wasn't one of Villarreal's best games but they got the three points and in the league that is really all that matters, the team relied too much on Riquelme but it seems like he is beginning to tire down after all the games he's played..Let's hope he comes back stronger Next game..

Forlan's goal came after a good play on the right and after Lucho couldn't reach it Forlan put it in.. And if Eto'o keeps on slacking with Barca Diego will take over as the pichichi..Wouldn't it be great if Villarreal ended the season by winning their first major tournament and having a Man United "reject" be pichichi?
In the final minutes though Villarreal almost scored another, maybe this win will help them and serve as a boost to end the season as good as possible..
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