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LFP | J22 | FC Barcelona vs Sporting Gijón

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Camp Nou (Barcelona) | Sun, Feb 8 | 19:00

We receive Sporting at home. The Asturian newly promoted team have improved a lot since the last time we faced them, months ago in the 1-6 victory in El Molinón, which started the positive run of 18 victories and 1 draw that didn't finish yet.

The team will suffer the absences of the central backs (although Puyol still is doubtful), so Guardiola will have to try a new idea, with players out of position, for this game. At least, the Comitees removed Alves' 5th yellow card and he will be available for the coach. The attack will probably be the same of the last weeks and we'll see if who will rotate in the midfield this Sunday.

Sporting are the only team that didn't draw this year. Surprisingly, they won 9 games and lost 12, but they never tied a game. As an anecdote, their 2 main coaches were sent off in the last Liga game they had, so an ex-barcelonista legend, Quini, will be the manager in the Camp Nou. As you know, Quini was the scorer of the 3000th goal of the club and one of the most loved players in the club of the last decades. The starter of a nice tradition of Sporting players that wore the blaugrana shirt, as Abelardo or Luis Enrique later.

Despite the absences in defense, the team will have to give their best in order to achieve another home victory and make another step towards the Liga title, before the schedule gets tougher in the next weeks, with CL and more difficult Liga games.

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So Caceres and Abidal in the center i would imagine?
about time the match thread was created, it will be interesting to see what our defense will be, and if we can manage the win with such personnel issues...
Even with a depleted side somewhat i don't see them causing any problems at Camp Nou, they will come and defend. However they did beat Sevilla last week and that first draw has to come somewhere soon, hopefully it's next week though :pp

Even if we drop points not the end of the world, we are so far ahead.
well, we may be far ahead but the last thing we want to do now is give rm any hope....
True especially if we get far in UCL and they get knocked out by Liverpool, they will only have the La Liga to occupy themselves with...
Well actually the defense is pretty solid. Puyol has been given the green light by the medical staff so he will probably partner Caceres in the cente with Abidal on the left and Alves on the right. In any Pep doesn't wanna risk the captain then there are many options but the safer to me looks Abidal-Caceres in the center and Sylvinho covering the left back position. As long as V.Sanchez is not playing i'm happy.
Let's get as many points as possible before UCL restarts again. So we can rest the likes of Messi , Eto'o and Xavi during the crucial UCL rounds.
i hope we get the three pts and take care of mallorca next. Even pep said we have lost a little of our brillance because of a little fatigue, but he said that doesn't worry him so I trust him completely.
If Alves gets a yellow in this game will he miss the next? I'd rather him be available for the Betis match than this, no to take anything away from Sporting because they can do damage as they did last week against Sevilla.
Most likely Puyol is 'rushing' himself, as per usual.
Yeah, and I'm not liking it. This isn't Manchester United we're playing tomorrow.

I'd be very disappointed if I saw Alves and Puyol in this game. We should be able to take Sporting even with our B team, so no risks and stupid decisions just because someone is eager to play.
4-0 :)
Apparently for next season we will wear pink on occasion. It's supposed to be a revolutionary new kit by Nike. I don't think pink and men go together. that's just me, but It'll be interesting to see how the boys look in them.
Apparently for next season we will wear pink on occasion. It's supposed to be a revolutionary new kit by Nike. I don't think pink and men go together. that's just me, but It'll be interesting to see how the boys look in them.
I agree :)
Yeah nike have been terrible for our kits. I dunno how long an agreement we have with them but either we should switch to adidas or nike should clean up its act.
Adidas? :howler:

A "certain other" team wears Adidas and I don't like the way they have the three-stripes™ on every shirt. We should never have a Adidas shirt IMO because the connotation with Madrid is simply too great.

Laporta signed a new improved deal with Nike I think last year or so until 2014 I believe.

I don't really see the big deal with a pink shirt especially when we haven't even seen it yet. I remember the fuss when we had red shorts but no one gave a damn when we won the CL and the league that season.
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