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Let's think about transfers...

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OK, what players can we bring in this summer, who are already listed. I'll be glad to listen to some interesting proposition, perhaps even lesser known ones...

Mine are:
Stankovic (alternative RM/LM), but it means Geremi is outa here! :( :( :(
Almeyda - next Redondo
Tsartas - we know it all
Gamarra - Atletico is sinking and he's GOOD
Chamot - the same as above, both defenders
Ricken - Dortmund is gonna fall and he's pretty good.
some defender from Borussia- they'll be all for free! :)
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Labas, are these your proposals??
I dont like them. Stankovic is the same player as Macca and Savio. So signing him and paying up more then 10$ is waste of money. I know both him and Almeyda are available but we dont have to buy Lazio left-overs.
Almeyda...Is a diffrent story. And i can believe you call him the new Redondo....He is a Pure ball-winner. He gets the ball and gives it to Veron. You want next Redondo you will have to look further. But buy Almeyda anyway. Is 15$ enough?

The other ones are also strange. german Ricken was a huge talent but it seems he hasnt carried out his expectetions. He is one of the reasons dortmunds midfield is KAPUT!
The same goes to their Aging defence.

Gamarra has made clear that he will go down with Atletico-that is official but Atletico might HAVE To sell him.Maybe then??NO-NON-EU!

Chamot is over the hill. Iam not sure, but he is not regular in his club. He was great at Lazio but now hes just backup.Not for us.

So do you all agree on that except for ALmeyda all of these proposals suck??


Labas, dont be angry but these are my opinions.
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That wasn't nice :( hehe ;) Anyway about Stankovic, I strongly disagree. The guy can play either on the wings or in the center. Almeyda is a typical DM, and he would be Redondo's succesor. Let's face it Fernando won't last forever. Both are worth the money IMO.

The other proposal were indeed rather crappy, but at least they were CHEAP! nd we have little money to spend :(
First and most important.Jose Chamot plays for Milan since three months ago. :)

Secondly,whoever calls Lars Ricken crap probably hasnt seen the kid play.He is fast and young.Overal an exelent player.But he wont do for Real because the last thing you need is a right winger.

Gammara kicks ass!

The sun will rise again...and it will be...GIALLOBLU!
Sure wasnt nice, but you agree on that it was constructive?
Noo, if you are a DM it doesnt mean you have ONE mission. There a lots of variation at this position and Almeydas is not similar to Redondos. And you constantly complain about Redondo loosing out on his age....Dont you think Hierro is the guy to discuss if you want to talk about age?
Stankovic may be center as well, but did you read the part about him being similar to our wingers? He is,isnt he and thats why we dont need him on the bench.He is good.But not for us (arn't Inter interested in him??)

Ricken and Amoroso. You say "you obviously havent watched him play cause he is great bla bla bla".
You took a gamble there.But i HAVE seen him play in the Bundesliga and there is no harmony in the team.So if the team is crap why is Ricken this good?Are you comparing him with the rest of the team?Sure, he might be good then but if you want to compare him with the Real Madrid midfield-you are an easy prey Amoroso.

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First of all,Real&Barca fan I'm quite frankly bored of your attitude.You always critisize others and mostly without reason (like the parma propaganda thing,which I still havent figured out what you mean).Anyway,I DONT CARE IF DORTMUND WILL RELEGATE! Atletico Madrid will relegate,does this mean Hasselbaink sucks? NO!!!!!!! the teams dont make the players,and one player cant save a team...simple as that.I'm not saying that ricken will fit at Real (check my previus post) but he is a very good player with a lot of potential.

PS.How can you support both Barca and Real?

The sun will rise again...and it will be...GIALLOBLU!
They need two central defenders.My choices are Nesta and Cannavaro. They don´t need anymore midfielders but maybe one more attacker,what about Diego Tristan.
OopS!...I did it again! LOL Britney kicks as*! , but back to the subject...I was thinking of Ayala not Chamot! They're possible good buys for Real and i don't agree on Ricken either R&B. I think Amo's right...it's the team that plays bad not Lars...but I don't want him in Madrid because I hate GERMANS!!! Like all Poles do :(

Still I urge Amo not to quarell with you R&B as i treat you both as great friends and it would dissapoint me to see you two fighting. :(
Does anybody know if Real are for real willing to sign any of the topshot central defenders? Any news on whether Del Bosque is staying at the club?
After Chelsea - Barca game I hope no one will ever have a desire to see Desailly and Leboef wearing Real Madrid shirts. Those two stink bigtime. Maybe they'll still do a good job for France this summer, but these two showed no passion, no character, no pride for the club they play. They came to London for money only. I sympathise with Vialli, he's such a cool guy and I think a good coach too, but his team let him down because Chelsea are a team of passers by. De Goey, Wise, Zola and Poyet are the only men from that team who still have the balls on.
Vicente del Bosque will most likely stay at real, but one thing that I just realized is: we hear all this transfer news, but all of it is - outwards. I mean everyone is supposed to leave Real:
Ivan Campo
even Hierro!

on the other hand the only incoming guy so far is supposed to be Solano. Why is it so, I ask?
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almeyda would be a great buy..so would gamarra.
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