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OK all......I have had enough of the FA bias towards Man Utd when it comes to disciplinary matters (on the field decisions Could be argued either way apart from the Carroll incident).

Where I am coming from on this point is the melee at the end of the Boro vs Everton game yesterday.

In recent times we have really been stitched up by the FA on disciplinary matters - on the Rio incident other players have bene found guilty of similar offences and not been charged as severely. On the same day that Wayne Ronney elbowed Tal Ben Haim and got a 3 games ban, Arjen Robben did exactly the same thing and got away with it, as did Robin Van Persie against Man Utd (he missed Richardson but the intent was there).

So, now we come to the brawl at the end of the Boro game - lets see what the FA do this time - if it was Man Utd involved though.........there would be 3 game bans handed out all over the place......

Call me biased, but it is really starting to annoy me !!!!!
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