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i was just thinking of all the player that can replace Antonnio Conte if he leaves, and after alot of thinking i came to the outcome of Yugoslav/Porto midfielder Drulovic. I've heard of the possible swap with Fiorentina for Cois,but is it really worth replacing one old guy with another?

Drulovic was awesome in Euro2000 and he played well in the last Champions League. I know what you're thinking why do we need another signnig when we have all the other young players? Simple, non of them come near to replacing Conte, and Dulovic is the closest available player i can think of with the skill to compare with Conte. I know Porto have just sold Jardel and won't be too thrilled at handing Drulovic over, but who can resist thr lure of the lire?
I don't think he would cost that much.

Let me know what you think of my proposal and see what other players could fit Conte's shoes.

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