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Lets get to know each other better...

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Well,my fellow Liverpool fans (I feel like making a speech,hehehe :)) lets share some things:

1) where are you from and how old are you?

2) what other teams do you support and at what leagues?

3) who is your favorite player (ONE please)


4) do you play football yourself? position and squad # please... :)

The sun will rise again...and it will be...GIALLOBLU!
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My answers:

1) I'm from Greece and I'm 17 years old

2) I support PAOK from Thessaloniki at the greek league (that team which knocked out Arsenal of the UEFA Cup three years ago) and Parma from Seria A.

3) Diego Fuser

4) Yes,right wing-back (like Heggem ;)) and with number 2 or 32.I play as a sweeper too but I suck there...

The sun will rise again...and it will be...GIALLOBLU!
1)i am from sweden,but im also half italian
and im 17.
2)i support milan,but i like all italian teams,so i hope each of them buy great players for next seson.i want everyone to know which league is the best,and im happy if italian teams win against teams from other countrys,but i support only on club.
ac milan.
3)my favoritre player was franco baresi,but he dont play anymore,he is now vice president in the club.
4)i dont play anymore,but when i played i was
an midfielder mostly,and i had number 6.
1) I'm 18 and Welsh.

2) I support Real, roma and Swansea.

3) Fave player, 1 - that's nasty, Macca - sorry but I grew up with him in the side and all the matches I watched him in live he dd superb (RESPECTA)

4) I play in central mid and wear no 7 (after Macca).

1) i was born in Portugal , but live in South Africa.18 years of age.
3)Luis Figo(greatest player ever)
4)Up front or on the RCM,RM no.7
5)Patrick Berger(most liked player at Liverpool)
1) I am from Turkey but i am laso half italian. I used to live in istanbul and lugano(switzerland.now i live in boston u.s.a. i am 19.
2) i support galatasaray from istanbul and a.c. milan. And of course liverpool has always been my most favorite team other than galata.
3) Most favorite player is BATIGOL. I think the world has not seen such a good striker since pele.
4)I used to play striker wearing #9 but now i play defensive midfield wearing # 5.

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1) I'm from London but i'm actually Greek
Cypriot. Oh and i'm 22.

2) I think the Spanish league is good
entertainment wise. I don't really support any other teams apart from Liverpool,
though i like Barcelona and Valencia.
Ps- AMOROSO i was at the Arsenal-
Thessaloniki match at Highbury, were u

3) Now, I'd probably say Rivaldo.
But i used to like Van Basten (the man)
and Chris Waddle (silky skillz).

4) Yeah, i usually play as a right winger
or sometimes as a striker - Similar to
Thierry Henry. Squad no: 10. Adios ;)
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Sky light,you was at Arsenal-PAOK? I nevy you...No,I wasnt at highbury,but I was at Toumba,here at Thessaloniki...

Since you are cypriot,what can you tell me about Giannakis Okkas and Yotis Engomitis,two Anorthosis players who were just bought by PAOK...

Milas Elinika?

The sun will rise again...and it will be...GIALLOBLU!
1/from mauritius but live in canada
i'm also 20 of age.

2/ac milan in italy

3/can't say..have too many!!at l'pool i like berger!

4/i used to play as defensive mid. or central defender...but haven't played over ayear now.. :(
AMOROSO, I'm afraid i don't follow Cypriot football much so i haven't really heard of these players you mention (are they any good?)and yes milo Elinika, though obviously not as well as you! Ps i'm going to Corfu in June for 2 weeks with some friends - have u been there? If you have, can you tell me the best places to go to.
Cheers. ;)

Oh yeah, what the hell does that Gialloblu stuff at the end of your posts mean? Is it in Greek or something?

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1. Finland, 24 years old.
2. Lazio.
3. Sinisa Mihajlovic
4. Midfielder.
When I went to Korfu there was the rolling stone which was cool and this cocktail bar which served a drink called headfuc*er. 3/4's a pint of shots and only £3, not bad. 2 of those should keep you merry.
I was dissapointed with the clubs but limelight was o.k for a swim.

Giallo=yellow (in italian)

Giallo+blu=gialloblu which means bue and yellow and its the nickname of Parma.

Are you going to Kerkyra? you will love it...basically the whole island is a beauty but one thing I recall well is that there is a bar in the city named "Aigaio" (Egeo sta elinika) where the most "hot" people of Crfu go...

(PS.Send some kisses to the italian girls from me,they are gorgeous and there are so many in Kerkyra at the summer! I still cant forget them... ;))

The sun will rise again...and it will be...GIALLOBLU!
Right firstly I'am Irish .
Other team that I keep any eye out for are Real , Juve and St Pat's (Ireland).
Fav current player = Egar Davids .
I play centre Midfield . no: 8.

Nice to meet you all. :> )
1. I'm from Liverpool, age 24, but live in Idaho, USA now.

2. Don't really support any other teams, but I keep an eye out on Port Vales's results and league position (English 1st Div).

3. Difficult one this, are we talking current players or past? If I can include past Players I'd have to go for Alan Hansen, probably the best defender in Europe in his prime. If it is limited to current players I'd have to say I like JJ Okocha.

4. Used to play as a left-footed right-back! Sadly a Knee injury stopped me playing regularly. :(
Squad numbers didn't exist, but I'd choose 2 or 25 as my preference!
1- I was born in Birmingham, Alabama, but moved to Brazil (Sao Paulo) when i was 1, then went to Brasilia, moved to Cardiff, when was 10, moved back to Brasilia when i was 14, moved to Tampa when was 22, and in 3 weeks time will be moving to Miami :). I'm 24!

2- Well I love Corinthians...its a religion when you support that club...for any Corinthians fan. I quite syumpathize with Flamengo, and I'm Liverpool in England.

3- My favourite liverpool player was Johnny Barnes. Favourtie Corinthians player was Ze Elias, and my favourite all-time would be divided between Zico and Romario

4- I play mainly center forward now, but have played in all other positions, i'm sort of all rounded, good in almost everything :), but not perfect :(

Pelo Corinthians, com muito amor...ate o fim.

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1. from australia, and im 15 yrs old

2. roma in italy, monaco in france, valencia in spain, leverkusen in germany

3. adams, so damn good at defending and leading arsenal

4. center back for school A's, last yr in the b's only conceded 2 goals in whole season :) we dont have squad numbers, too amateur to have em, but if we could, id have 6, tony adams' number

"roma in Italy". ARRRGGGHHHHH!
I'm going to Angels the night before the Southampton game then I'm going to the Grafton. Derttty bastad.
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