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I am so down at the moment with everyone's performance, I really don't know if and how will can pull it through!


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Well, lets first analyse your "mister", he has had a few bad games lately (which is very unusual for him) - Chelsea, Yugo-England,Juventus,Verona....Why is this happening now that EURO is getting closer???
About our opponents, Spain is almost certainly the winner of our group (unless they choke like in France - daj Boze!!), so it's between the other three teams...
On SerbianCafe, in the discussion "EURO2000" somebody has already analysed Norway in detail and it doesn't seem very encouraging - all their players play either in Rosenborg (and they played quite well in CL this year) or Manchester United, Liverpool, Everton or other big English clubs...
The worst thing is that all teams including our opponents are already playing with their most likely starting line-ups for EURO while we, two months before the tournament, are still testing around 30 players and nobody knows what our line-up is going to be like!!!
Anyway, the point is Norway shouldn't be underestimated (of course, I almost forgot Slovenia - they have a few good players in their squad like Acimovic, Zahovic, goalkeeper Simeunovic, Novak, Milanic...Partizan supporters should remember Novak and Zahovic), but I would not worry about others if our players were in form, the problem is at this moment they aren't.....
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