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let him play

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I'm pretty far away from this whole thing, but I've kept up on it, via dailysoccer, internet radio talk, etc. etc.

I think it would be disastrous for the FAI if they don't let him play. Why? because these sort of things almost always lower morale and cause dissention. No matter how much people believe that some players viewed Keane leaving as cathartic, it is not so.

The fact is that two people allowed their egos to rise above what should have been a glorious moment for their entire country.

I think they are both at fault, McCarthy more so, because he should have done what was the best for the team, and that meant MAKING Keane behave properly WITHOUT sending him home.


A really good coach could have resolved this situation while still letting keane play.

Its pretty obvious that this was some measure of revenge for McCarthy.. I believe what Keane said about USA94

Its not that Roy Keane is bigger than the team.. its the idea that you cannot resolve differences... that looks really bad for Ireland in a public relations sense.

Please don't use this 'life goes on' thing.. the WC is too special to dismiss.
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Keane Apology Would Not Be Enough Says McCarthy
News Archive

Mick McCarthy stands firm over Keane (Allsport)
05/27/2002. Republic of Ireland boss Mick McCarthy has effectively ruled out any possibility of Roy Keane returning to the squad, but stating that no apology would ever be enough.

In an interview with the Evening Standard, conducted before Keane's appearance on Irish TV this evening, McCarthy said that his remaining players were angered over rumours that their captain would be allowed back if he backed down.

He said, "I had to sit them down and assure them that no apology will be enough to get Roy Keane back into this squad. There were some angry players in that hotel, they were annoyed at the suggestion that he could merely apologise and walk back into the fold."

"I have no doubt that some of them will walk if he ever comes back. But that isn't going to happen. Roy Keane is history as far as I am concerned and we have moved on. I don't believe he is the sort who apologises for anything and I am not interested, even if he does have a change of heart."

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A really good coach could have resolved this situation while still letting keane play.
If u had really read on about this situation you would have known the Keane had already walked out on the team the day before and then decided to return. Mick resolved the situation once but he should not have to do it again. He gave Mick crap but Mick let him still play, it happend a second time and McCarthy decide that enough is enough and that Roy should not be allowed to abuse the man in charge or his fellow players. He gave him a second chance and Keane blew it, nobody should be allowed to do what Keane did. None can expect to play for their country after an episode like that, no matter good they are. And yes, life goes on, and so will the Republics world Cup campainge. :)
I think the squad dont really want him back. I read Matt Holland's column where he was saying the attack was out of order and the atmposphere was much better after the "moody" ManU player had left.

At the end of the day the gaffer is the gaffer and he overstepped the mark.

Its hard to believe that the Republic might do better without him but they actually might.

Good luck in the WC and make sure you beat the Germans.
Thanx Hoseman... :) We will... :devil:
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