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totally innocent
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Exhibit A:

Match: Saudi V Kuwait , Player: Ahmad alDoukhi


Kuwait is in posession. The defenders have pushed up, but they were dragged to the defense's left side of the D (it happens, defenders get dragged by the attackers, but it's not a major problem). The bald player in Kuwait, puts himself into space on the other side of the D. Seeing him, Doukhi goes to cover him. So far so good. Now, the player goes further forward than the last defender. i.e. put himself offside. Now professor Doukhi, instead of leaving him offside keeps going with him, making him onside. Bad enough, but here's our fabulous right back's masterstroke. As the ball falls behind the kuwiati player (he doesn't conrol it well), he goes back to collect the ball and seeing two Kuwaitis on the other side making runs forward, beating their markers. So he gladly lays it off to Huwaidi (one of them) who makes no mistake. But it was a forward pass, who made Huwaidi and the right winger onside? who else but doukhi. After insisting on following the player, he leaves him to go back to collect the ball with no pressure (Sulaiman arrived only after he made the pass), and seeing the runs from his left he runs back further to keep them both onside!

aghhhhhhhh Farcical defending. makes you want to cry. Being cought in no man's land is one thing (mistakes happen), but to go back further and make the other players onside too (instead of getting out of no man's land by pressuring the player on the ball) is just suicidal.

Coming soon: part 2 of how not to defend. Exhibit from KSA v BAH
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