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Less football better goals?

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Firstly sorry for not posting a long time, for some reason the new xtratime system refused to work on my computer for a long time and when it did it gave me problems with my username :neutral:

Anyway I was wondering, everyone knows the level of our league is decreasing and the football here, pretty much, sucks. :D But lately we've seen some really good goals. e.g Maccabi Haifa - M. Petah Tikva, all 4 goals were lovely. Then you have Netanya's winning goal against M. Tel Aviv and Revivo's goal for Ashdod against Hapoel. Maybe because we see less football we get to see more personal ability come into play?

Here is Netanya's goal btw for anyone who missed it (it's the entire match highlights you can just pass forward to 4:37)
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I would not say the Israeli league "sucks". I think you would be surprised if you look at many other leagues. Only a few seasons ago Maccabi Haifa and Maccabi Tel Aviv did very well in Europe, Hapoel Tel Aviv also had one good season. So I would not dramatise the situation. This season was disappointing European-wise but I would love to see experienced teams such as Maccabi TA and Maccabi Haifa back in Europe next season to put the Israeli league back on the football map.
Israeli leauge is surely decreasing...

I mean, when we are short and despearate like in 2002 and 2003 seasons we played great football because we used a strenght of 40% and made it into 80-85%.

Today we are all glamour and show.
Players lose games in UEFA and go to a casino. They are slumpy after a match and then they go clubbing...

We realized that no matter how many billionaires come and support Israeli soccer, we will never be any good. We never had foundation and right now our foundation is not amature, but certainly with no rocks - were basically floating on air and just waiting to drop or wait for a miracle.

I do agree however that some players show better skills than others since when you dont try, you really wont put any effort and a few individual players proved that wrong by doing their best as Gilli mentioned
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israeli league is crap...i mean i stiill watch it because its my country's league but the fact is its crap. Goals are nice but whats more important is performing in europe and getting out name out there...this is something that only maccabi haifa and hapoel managed to do. I always have high hopes for beitar but this year and last they just completely upset me! Goals are surely nice, but who cares when they come every once in a while and only we see them?
This goal deserves its own thread or even its own forum, usually I'm the last person who gets excited over goals but this is such a great one...check out the reaction by Meir Einstein that's funny :)

Best goal this season, I'm very doutbful someone can overcome a goal like this, possibly the best goal since they named it 'Ligat Ha'AL'.
Wow, what a goal, That is the best bicycle kick I've ever seen.
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