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Les Blues pour La France - Russie!!

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Gardiens: Fabien Barthez. Ulrich Ramé

Défenseurs: Mickaël Silvestre, Marcel Desailly, Vincent Candela, Frank Leboeuf, Philippe Christanval, Lilian Thuram, Bixente Lizarazu.

Milieux: Alain Boghossian, Patrick Vieira, Zinedine Zidane, Emmanuel Petit, Johan Micoud, Youri Djorkaeff.

Attaquants: Sylvain Wiltord, Thierry Henry, David Trézéguet, Nicolas Anelka.

pas grave?

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No Dalmat again:(? I think they should at least try him...
I agree Dalmat should be there, but i'm happy Anelka has got the call up.
No Sagnol or Armand or Brechet either.... but Silvestre is there... :rolleyes:

Well, at least Karembeu was not called!
Euan said:
I agree Dalmat should be there, but i'm happy Anelka has got the call up.
Hopefully he'll let his game do the talking. Unfortunately, that thought always come to mind when I hear the name "Anelka"... :rolleyes:
The match will be played tomorrow night at the SDF. Here's everything you need to know about this game, from L'Equipe's site. It is in French, but very complete.;)


ALLEZ LES BLEUS!!!:star::star:

I predict a good 3-0 (Trezeguet, Henry and Djorkaeff).
Trezeguet as Wiltord, won't play tonight's match. Trezeguet and Wiltord are injured; these are not important injuries but Lemerre doesn't want to risk anything.
yes I read that too! (Anelka now has his chance to prove what he can do with Les Blues)

AMOROSO!, this season Mickaël Silvestre has been playing very well for Man.U and his selection is nothing to complain about...
as for Willy Sagnol he will be in the 23 man squad unless he doesn´t get injured!
Bréchet and Armand well for sure be in the next Euro 2004!! Armand as right back and Bréchet as left back!

Im a little suprised by the selection of Christanval..if you people have been watching Barcelona this season you see that he hasn´t been good and been the reason for many conseeded goals..well well it´s a good kid and he was playing well for AS Monaco so he maybe shows us tonight!! (if he plays)..
i have not the used to complaint about the referee but this one!!!
poor anelka! his goal was valable and i don't talk about the fault on thuram who should give him a penalty in the first half!
anyway, this squad of russia was very strong and it's a good test for the future:)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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