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by Patrick Goss

GIANLUIGI LENTINI, once the most expensive footballer in the world, has been released from his contract at Serie A club Torino.
Lentini, who moved from Torino to AC Milan for a then world record £13 million in 1992, has never lived up to the hype that many believe would see him become the best Italian footballer of his generation.

A car accident that the footballer was lucky to survive left his career in tatters, and, after a number of failed comebacks for the Rossoneri, 1997 saw Lentini return to Torino, the club where he made his name.

Although the free-transfer spells a new low in the career of Lentini, he is unlikely to retire - with both Atalanta and Fiorentina said to be interested in hiring the player.

Now, who's going to sign him??
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