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and here we go, heading for the 17th round, and playing leiria away next sunday 11th January

the game will be broadcasted by tvi at 19.15 gnt

camacho doesnt have ricardo rocha, nor miguel, both punished after last game against sporting, and fyssas is expected to make his debut ;)

lets wait to see wats camacho line up for the game:rolleyes:

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the starting line up was :

armando, luisão, helder, fyssas
joão pereira, tiago, simão
nuno gomes, sokota

with ricardo rocha and miguel out, armando and helder had to be played......

i must say i was glad to see camãcho went back to the 4-1-3-2 tactic, its the best for us i think, specially with nuno and sokota on fire as they are....too bad we missed miguel and ricardo today:depress:

the game started with a penalty over nuno gomes, around the 5thm that the referree missed :rolleyes:

from the beginning one could see the game was goona be a damn good one....both teams very active, lots of chances from both sides:)

around 20m leiria scored ......

some 9m afterwards sokota did too, 1-1:)

just before the end of 1st half, and while fyssas was out of the game being assisted, leiria scores:(

argel came in to replace the injured luisao, and benfica went looking for the 2nd goal...which happend around 60m by nuno gomes :)

at 79m nuno scores the 3rd..........2-3 :D

and it seemed like we were gonna get away with a victory.....but a few mins later leiria makes the tie and....we are 11pts from 1st place now:(

anyways....it was a dman damn good game, impressive;)

moreira was great, fyssas ok, petit...not so good, tiago good a salways, simao and ups and downs but he is always reliable, zahovic came in to replace armando during the 2nd half ans was ok, joaoa pereira did a couple exclent crosses and.....nuno and sokota were:star:

argel and helder ....they are past their time, though argel did try to push the team forward durinmg the 2nd time, with all the energgy the man has,

lusiaso....he still didnt find the right rythm,......and now seems to be injured again....

and armando...the man is a disgrace, alonside with cristinao and aguiar

oh well, exclent game, too bad my benfica didnt get the 3 pts :(

viva o meu benfica :star:

keeep it up boys , great attittude today :star:

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Hélder and Luisão were slower than turtles today, which is not a big surprise...
What surprised me most was Leiria's attitude. With these 3 new players they are a very strong side!
About Benfica, goodbye title hopes, let's fight for the second place and most important, try to win the f*cking cup and make a good uefa cup campaign, at least, the quarter finals!
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