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Legendary Jersey Design

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Here is my list:

1. Brazil 94, both home and away

I like the semi-overlapping of the 4 Brazilian badges.

2. Holland 88

That pattern really goes right in orange. West Germany copied the design for their away shirt in 92 but it looked too wierd in green.

3. West Germany 90, home

Stripe of their national flag across the chest, look a bit like the shape of a square-root sign.

4. Barcalona centenary

Don't know how to describe it. It just look distinct and noble.

5. Milan present----home

Thicker red-black stripes and 'shoulder part' in black just makes it look cool!

IMO, even crap players look smarter, when they wear one of these:D

These are all I can think of. Sounds a bit like talking fashion...
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Out of all the shirts I have seen this season, I like Lens best.
Real Madrid's centennary is the best I've seen in a long time! All white w/ no sponsors or even Adidas three stripe trim.
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